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Importance of Domain Authority and how to increase it

Importance of Domain Authority and how to increase it

May 08, 2018

Domain Authority and Page Authority are metrics provided by MOZ that help us check the authority of the website. A website will have high authority will definitely mean its PA and DA are high. 

Talking about the factors that play an important role in SEO, we cannot neglect the role of Domain Authority and Page Authority. In the current times, these two factors enable you a number of advantages from SEO perspective. 


In the start let us take you through some of the brief advantages PA and DA provide.

  1. They allow you to rank your site conveniently even if you have competitive keywords.
  2. They allow fast ranking on SERPs without too much dependence on content.
  3. With PA and DA, you may not need to spend month after month in link building.

Things to keep in mind

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, you need to keep a certain number of things in mind regarding the Domain Authority and Page Authority. 

  1. Both these factors are of high importance. In general, a backlink from a page having high DA and PA will have more value.
  2. Relevancy is important when it comes to getting backlinks. Managing to get a backlink from a relevant content having high Domain authority can prove to be very beneficial. A trusted domain authority checker can be used to get the idea of how high is the DA of a site.
  3. Although there are numerous sites which having high Domain Authority from where you can easy backlinks but those may not matter. The reason is that Google gives preference and significance to those links that aren’t easy to get.
  4. DO Follow link has more significance as compared to No Follow links.
  5. If you are getting links from Community/Forum sections, then they will have less or no value at all.
  6. Same stands true for the comment links.
  7. What is beneficial that you get a link from within the article that lies in the main website and isn’t placed in the subdirectory of the domain. 

By keeping the above mentioned 7 points in mind, 1 link built this way will be of more value than 100 worthless links. This technique will surely rank your website even it lies in high competition. 

High Domain Authority

Let’s now discuss how we can enhance the Domain Authority of a website and in result get higher search rankings in SERPs.


These are considered as the pillars or the backbone of your blog. Let it be SEO, DA or any other thing, these pillars are always helpful. By creating a high number of quality backlinks, you will definitely achieve higher Domain Authority. You can easily keep your DA in check by using a trusted domain authority checker.

Linking to popular sites

Make sure you add authority links to well-known sites like Wikipedia, Google news, YouTube, etc. another out of the box technique is to include your competitor’s link. Adding your competitor’s link may make them comment, endorse or contact you through your blog. This will enable you to create supremacy in your niche and also lets your Domain authority higher.


Domain Age and Blog Age

Before linking, always go for a domain or blog having a good age. The older the blog, the higher its authority. According to MOZ, one of the main factors that are considered while calculating Domain Authority is the domain age.

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Play safe with Tier Backlinks

When you have a solid backlink history, it means you will definitely get higher domain authority. Never spam your backlink history. There is always a chance of your DA lowering if you start spamming backlinks and doing it unnecessarily.


Internal links

Internal linking is considered integral in boosting your DA. Make sure to interlink all your posts, this will enable all the posts to be viewed. Interlinking all pages and allowing all posts to be viewed means all pages have good authority and as a result, it will collectively contribute in making domain authority higher.

Perks of Off-page SEO

Don’t forget the importance of of-page SEO. It serves pretty well for the boosting of DA. All points mentioned above are related to off-page SEO terms. Creation of backlinks, creating internal links, achieving comments, gaining subscribers and followers etc. are all off-page factors that help greatly in boosting the authority. But on the other hand, on-page SEO plays its part in calculating the domain authority.


Earlier, social media traffic was considered as low-quality traffic but currently, it certainly is the easier way of getting high traffic. It also helps in giving the domain authority new heights. Social sharing and social likes have become main factors that are considered by Google.

Fresh content

Regularly update your site with fresh content. It will demonstrate to search engines that your blog or site is active and you are doing sufficient work to keep visitors updated. Moz trust is calculated by the amount of new content and new pages that added. Make sure to use a reliable and up to date domain authority checker, which will update you regularly on the progress of your platform.

Make it user-friendly

If your site is well designed and fulfills all the requirements of being a user-friendly site, then you are diminishing the bounce rate. Same stands true for a blog, if it is easily navigated and contains informative, engaging and fresh content then people will stay on it and won’t bounce off to other platforms.

Also, make sure to make it mobile friendly, these factors surely guarantee an upward rise to your domain authority.


Have Patience: Patience is the key. You need to wait at least a couple of years, as after this time the domain and blog’s age will increase and domain authority will automatically rise. There is no shortcut when it comes to increasing the authority of your site. The above described 9 ways will surely assist you in increasing the domain authority with a guarantee.