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Importance of .EDU Back Links in SEO

Jan 22, 2016

Days were good when SEO was very easy. Just blast some backlinks either manually or using some software and scripts and get higher rank in Google Search. And then there came few cute looking animals which were ferocious in fact and the scene changed dramatically. The power of backlinking remained no more effective as per Google Updates as Matt Cutts clearly mentioned various times that backlinks will loose the impact over the time. So what to do to get higher rank in Google Search? Should we forget the habit of backlinking? The answer is a BIG NO.

Despite various Google Updates and change in SEO trends, few things are still the same. Domain authority still does matter. Page Rank still affects the SERP. And similarly Google SERP Algorithm still pays attention to more linked content. So; Backlinks are still important but here one should keep in mind that the spamming will not be tolerated anymore.

.EDU Backlink Enhances Domain Authority

While calculating the domain authority, a term is often used i.e. Quality Links. What are the quality links? Quality links are from the sites which have some good PR and good authority. There are certain domain extensions to which Google gives some good authority like .GOV and .EDU. The reason is obvious. If some government or some educational institute is talking about something, that will be definitely some very trustworthy thing. In our material world, if a person have some direct links with Government officials or with some Educational Institute, he is said to be a trustworthy person with some extra prestige. Same is the case in World Wide Web. Getting some backlinks from .EDU websites makes your website and authority website and you ranks higher in Google SERP.

Why .EDU Are Given Importance by Google

We discussed above a little about domain authority. A domain is considered an authority domain if some authority domains are pointing towards it. In other words if you domain as some quality backlinks then more chances are that your domain will get some authority as well. And if you get a back link from .EDU domain then it is equals to ten .com or .org domain backlinks. Now the question arises why Google gives so much value to .EDU backlink.

An Educational institute is considered a trustworthy organization as it focuses more on social cause rather than profit. An .EDU domain cannot be registered by anyone like other domains. A certain verification process is required to get an .EDU domain registered so it become double authenticity that domain is some real Educational Institute. Lastly, the educational institute will allow only the quality stuff on their website which will be error free and authentic as well as any content on their website can put their prestige in questions. So all the factor which gives any domain an authority domain status are automatically fulfilled by an .EDU domain. And the only thing remains is the backlink so you are doing that too. So when Google see some authority domain like .EDU domain pointing towards your domain, it considers it a lot and gives your website a credible status and you rank higher in Google SERP.