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Improve Your Domain Authority To Achieve Accelerated SEO Results?

Improve Your Domain Authority To Achieve Accelerated SEO Results?

November 16, 2018

Domain authority (DA) is a measure of authority of domain names. It is an important ranking factor. DA depends on three critical factors: size, popularity, and age. Moz developed domain authority as a calculated metric. The higher domain authority means you can earn higher ranking by search engines and get maximum web traffic. With the help of domain authority, you can measure the efficiency of SEO efforts and compare the power of your site to the websites of your competitors. You can check DA with the help of a domain authority checker.

Why Domain Authority

The success of an online business depends on its marketing techniques. With perfect techniques, you can increase the number of target audience and ranking of your website. Ranking with search engines is possible with the help of SEO (search engine optimization). It is not possible to increase the efficiency of SEO services by ignoring domain authority.  Before starting your plan you can use domain authority checker tool to figure out your current DA score.  Each business owner targets the first ten pages search result on search engines. They wish to get a place in the top 10 because plenty of internet users consider only top 10 results to obtain necessary services or products. Here is the top benefits you can by increasing your domain authority.

  • Your site becomes popular in web
  • More Organic Traffic
  • Increase in overall ROI
  • More domain authority score means more user’s appreciation

You have to pay attention to the domain authority of your website to get the desired results. DA is a ranking score of search engines. This score can predict the ranking of a site on the search engine result pages. The score may vary between 1 and 100. The higher score shows that this website has a higher probability to rank in the top ten. You can check the authority of your site with a domain authority checker. This tool can quickly calculate the authority of your website. The higher score will accelerate your SEO plan. If you are not satisfied with the DA score, you can follow these steps to improve it.

A Suitable Domain Name

Before designing a website, you have to select a relevant domain name. For instance, Pre Post SEO is a suitable name because the site is focusing on SEO apps and plugins. The domain name must be easy for visitors to remember. It will help them to return to your website. You can purchase an old domain to get the advantage of its age. Google can quickly trust an old domain as compared to a new one.

Optimization of On-page Content

SEO is essential for search engine ranking and domain authority. Make sure to optimize your on-page codes, such as content, image alt tags, and title tags. Choose an easy to read fonts, such as Calibri or Arial. Novelty fonts are suitable for sub heading and header. Moreover, add variations of main keywords and keep permalinks relevant and short. It’s always better to get help from content writing tools like Plagiarism checker to maximize quality in result. Your website must have a sidebar for new blog posts or articles. Content really plays a vital role in increasing domain authority. It’s because of the following reasons.

  • Internal linking is done through keyword inclusion in content
  • Website content needs to be updated regularly to easily index in search engines
  • Regular posting of content is the key to gain more organic searches

Linkable Content

You can earn first-rate links from different domains by creating excellent content. Publish this content regularly on your website. Quality of your content is essential to get links to authoritative sites. You have to consider your audience and brand to write a creative and informative post.

Focus on Internal Linking Structure

While paying attention to external links, several websites overlook their internal links. These are important to direct visitors to find relevant content and improve their experience. With these links, your visitors can see old posts and find your homepage easily. Internal links helps in performing google indexing with complete ease. Internal links can save your visitors from frustration by keeping them engage with the content of your site. These links make it easy for Google and other search engines to index your website.

Remove Toxic Links

A web owner should frequently check the link profile of his/her website and search for toxic or bad backlinks. It allows you to remove links from irrelevant or bad sources. These links could hurt the domain authority of your site. Immediately remove bad or broken links from your website because these may have a negative impact on your DA.

Mobile-friendly Website

Several online users access their website through their mobile devices. If a site is not optimized for mobile users, it will be ranked low from search engines. You will lose out several visitors because they use their tablet or smartphone to access your website. A mobile friendly site always gain more SEO score.

If you want to become an authority in your specific niche, you should create engaging content for your followers and customers on social media. By establishing your authority, you can reinforce the identity of your services or brands. It will increase traffic on your site and enable you to get external-links for high-quality sources. You can escalate your authority with the help of guest blogging.

Improve Loading Speed of Websites

The poor speed of loading can negatively affect the bounce rate of your website. Keep it in mind that customers don’t have patience, so they will leave your site if it takes more time to load. Web pages with good loading speed will get more customers and better DA score.

In short, domain authority is essential for a website to judge its overall performance. It allows you to compare your DA score with the sites of your rivals. With the help of a domain authority checker, you can check the DA of different websites. This checker will help you to choose internal links for your website. These links can increase the search engine rankings of your site.

Ending Note

It’s not as that easy to accelerate domain authority of a site. You have to work on various SEO factors to achieve significant growth in your domain authority score. The factors that I have mentioned above must keep in mind to get more improvement in your domain authority. The better the domain authority, the more organic traffic you will got.