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In SEO How You Get Benefits from a Social Media Strategy

In SEO How You Get Benefits from a Social Media Strategy

October 19, 2018

A lot of people believe that there is no connection between social media and search engine optimization. This belief is more common among those who have a no digital marketing experience. They think that these two are totally different things and each has a different purpose. This is certainly not true as social media and SEO are in many ways related to each other. The object of both is to increase the number of visitors without advertisements. Not only SEO but social media marketing too focus on increasing traffic by influencing organic results. Better social media score is always beneficial for the overall growth of an online business.

In order to achieve your online visibility targets, you should not just rely on SEO but should also consider other viable options. One such option is social media marketing and it can work along with SEO like perfect partners. These two are very much interwoven strategies. The success in social media marketing depends on quality content and popularity of your brand. Successful search engine optimization is also dependent on these factors. On the other hand, popularity in social media helps greatly in increasing the position of a website in the search engine result pages.

This is not an established fact as Google is silent on this point. But nobody doubts that Google ranks those websites higher that are found useful by visitors. The question becomes how Google ascertains the usefulness of a website. If a websites’ link is shared by a lot of people on social media that means these people find it useful and if people find it useful we should expect the Google will also agree with users. For successful digital marketing, SEO and social marketing should be made to work together. There are a number of ways SEO can benefit from social media.

Bigger the Better

A website position in the SERPs depends on many factors. One of those factors is the number of followers on social media platforms. A company will a large number of followers is bound to have a higher ranking than a company with a small support base on social media. If you want to increase your ranking you should consider growing the number of your followers. Increasing follower is a tricky process, one that should be carried out with caution. There are rumors that Google can differentiate between organically won followers and those which are acquired through money. Such fake followers would not be of any help as Google will detect their quality.

Patience is one of the things required if you want to increase the number of followers. It is something that will not happen overnight. You should be consistent with your approach and style. Ensure users engagement by replying to their comments and offering other incentives. Other such customer relation tactics will definitely win the trust of your users and these will convert into followers.

Build Your Brand Product

There are billions of websites out there. You will get lost in this huge crowd if you do not distinguish yourself from the rest. You should stand out if you want people to know you. But this is easier said than done. Standing out is a very difficult task and it requires an online presence of your brand. A brand will stand out if it is genuine. It should be able to engage audience.

Building brand presence requires publishing unique and quality content on social media platforms regularly. A content calendar can be used for this purpose as it will help you to plan your topics and will guide you. The goal should be to create such content on the consistent basis that your followers will recognize just by looking at the design and the vibe it contains. There should be a pattern to the topics you select and these should be related to each other or in other words you should have a consistent theme. If you do this you will have more people searching for you using your brand name.

Facilitate Sharing

Just like external inbound links another factor that can influence the authority of any website is social sharing. Social networks are created so that people can like, comment and share what they want. All these actions are also very important from the SEO perspective. Your ranking will be directly affected by the number of times your content is shared on social media. Because if a lot of people will share your post, Google will think that people like what you are publishing. This can serve as external source praising your post and will build your authority.

Generate External Links

The biggest benefit that your SEO can drive from your social media profiles is a number of inbound links that can be generated from social platforms. Google ranks those websites higher that have a large number of quality inbound links. A number of external links can increase the authority of a website. This way links earned on social media can be of real value to your SEO. But earning such links is only possible through publishing high-quality engaging content.

In order to convince others to link back to you, focus on creating unique content that can engage your audience. Wherever possible you should try to remind people of the old content that you have already published. All these steps will build your reputation as a leader in your niche and it will also help in generating valuable external links to your website. To validate online content, you can use plagiarism checker tool to maintain quality.

Optimized Content For Social Media

Just like people can search the internet they can also search social media websites. Therefore you should work to produce such content that is not only optimized for searching web but is also searchable in social media. Keyword research is very important from this perspective. You should make sure relevant keywords are present in the headline and tags. Efforts should be made to optimize your social media posts just like you optimize your content for the web.

Reach Everywhere

There is an amazing increase in the number of social media website. In this era of social networking, new social platforms surface on the internet every passing year. Keeping this situation in view you should not focus on just important and big 2 or 3 social media platforms and neglects the other. Doing this would be a major mistake. You should explore all online opportunities and build profiles on all social media websites that are in existence because your object is to reach the maximum number of people.