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An In-Depth Search Engine Optimization Guide For Law Firms. What Strategies Should Be Used?

An In-Depth Search Engine Optimization Guide For Law Firms. What Strategies Should Be Used?

November 26, 2018

We’ve been in the SEO industry for quite a few years now and have handled clients from various industries and countries from all corners of the world. In this tenure, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. Search Engine Optimization has changed drastically from what it used to be years ago and to keep the pace with others, you have to be on your toes.

Prepostseo has collaborated and served many businesses and organizations all around the globe and includes working for attorneys and law firms too. Well, luckily we have the privilege to serve the custodians of law in the domain of Search Engine Optimization. This close working with attorneys allows us an exclusive perspective on law firm SEO.

This alliance gives us awareness of what is the best strategy to be implied for this competitive industry and how to have a solid visibility in the SERPS. Not only this, but we also are well conscious of the facts that effect attorney sites search visibility. Like many industries, the justice providing vertical has turned its attention to digital marketing.

Being a technical, sacred and elite field, lawyer SEO demands more expertise. This can put both the clients and law firms under pressure. It is compulsory for the law firms to deliver according to the client’s wishes and stand out of the crowd. On the other hand clients (individuals, companies, businesses, organizations) are under looking to find the right attorney agency for their legal matters.

we have noticed two types of digital marketing agencies that handle law firm SEO. Ones that go by the case to case or client by client and carve each campaign according to the definite needs of the client and the situation. The other category mainly believes on ‘one size fits all’ notion. They don’t always put into perspective the specific situation and needs of the clients rather, just apply a pre-designed strategy to any firm’s needs. Never did we say or mean to say that the second category isn’t result oriented or their strategies can’t compete at the upper level. In some cases, we have seen that these agencies haven’t been able to make a sustainable mark. Now, without taking much of your time, let’s move on to the business end of the writing and tell you why and how it is significant in today’s time.

Why law firm SEO is important?

In the last decade or so, the process of finding the right law firm has changed. People now take to search engines for this. Understandably so, online search has become a primary channel where people not only are able to find the right attorneys but also can go through their credentials, portfolio and other important information. This clearly says that an online representation for a law firm is extremely essential. If you are looking to generate new clients and have success in the digital age, you need to have a strong presence in the Search Engine Result Pages. SEO of a law firm helps to effectively index website’s pages in Google.

A number of carefully thought out strategies, tactics and techniques are involved by the Attorney SEO services providers. These things when combined well, help the law firm’s website to gain a noticeable position on the first page of the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus, it is able to attract more clients who are seeking legal services in any domain.

When talking from a client’s perspective, they always prefer online search while looking for legal help. Yes, social advice and word of mouth are important, but the online search has always dominated all other sources.

When talking from SEO point of view there are a few elements whose benefits increase with the passage of time. Take the example of Content, it gives you two benefits. Firstly, it allows you to rank more keywords and secondly if your content is well curated, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of link building from to your site.

Everyone has the facility of searching on the internet

According to a research by Pew Research Centre on search engine usage, 91 percent of adults who are on the internet make sure they search for any information on the web. Although, this research dates back to 2012 so, considering that six years have gone by, now you can accept the fact that 100 percent of the adults must be doing the same. With everyone using search, for lawyers who are marketing themselves online should build their sites that are easily found on the search engines and are human and SEO friendly.

Low ranking is directly proportional to non-existent site

People mostly go to online search while looking for legal services in any country. We don’t say that they don’t believe in their friends and family, but the online search is what dominates. People mostly type in a keyword phrase for a service they are looking for and in return get a number of results and can choose a law firm which suits them best.

The first ten results will surely comprise of at least 7 or 8 highly demanded and popular law attorney agencies (2 or 3 spots are taken by paid results). According to a research most people don’t bother to visit page 2 or 3 of search engines and select a law firm that makes way n the top 10. This is where the importance of law firm SEO service providers like increases immensely.

Why your law firm needs a website?

A simple answer to it is that you are running a business and you want to be able to show the world what you have got for them. How can they benefit by consulting you? What are your specialties and lots more? Now let’s move into a bit of detail. Your website serves as the basis of the digital marketing that you are doing to reach your targets all over the world. Although there are other channels that allow you to showcase your talent, abilities, specialties and services, a website allows you the facility to reach a wide audience. It also allows you the much-needed freedom and control on how you want yourself to be seen by others.


A well-built website allows you to control your law firm’s brand image, your content and the way you want to interact with your service searchers. Although, not all website design companies can fulfill your dream of a magnificent law website, but there are many leading web designers like FindLaw, Justia and Oranjeclick that can allow you a brilliant online representation?

Why a law firm like you need Search Engine Optimization?

There are a lot of ways by which you can drive suitable traffic o a site and the best thing about law firm SEO is its long-term advantages that you gain even if you stop your SEO practices. SEO gives the lawyers an easy chance to be found by their searchers. Also, law firms are able to display their portfolio and the area in which they possess expertise. By achieving desired SEO score, law firms can flourish their services in better way.

The SEO practices done for gaining higher rankings and attracting traffic are long-lasting and continue to work positively for the firm even if the optimization process is stopped. This doesn’t mean that agencies providing legal services should optimize their sites once or for a short period of time. But we emphasize the fact that SEO leaves a lasting impression on your site and in turn on your agency.

There are a few elements of Search Engine Optimization that increase the benefits for a particular website over time. One example is the content. It helps in getting links to the site. Even if the SEO work has been stopped, the content will still be there and others can link to this content, in case it is quality and unique.

Other compounding elements such as citations, local business profiles and links from guest posts on other sites of the same niche are still there once they are built. All these things continue to give fruits to a specific site in the future. As we enter 2019, a large majority of law firms are looking for the attention of potential clientele and for this very purpose implementation of a well thought out SEO strategy lets stand out from the crowd and reap the rewards in shape of top rankings.

Important SEO Necessities for law agencies

Now it’s time to discuss the factors, techniques or strategies that help in developing a sound and successful SEO campaign for your law firm. Below are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind for a solid SEO.

Being into the SEO market for quite a while now, experts are well aware of significant leads are for attorney agencies. This is the reason we have always emphasized on the web development for the implementation of fruitful SEO strategies. The reason for it is that only having an attractive storefront isn’t enough. People, businesses and organizations looking for your services must be able to find you without any difficulty.

Here are the eight SEO techniques that should be mindful of.

Creation of Law Hubs

Normally a law hub is known as a hub of content for every area of specialty that you law firm possesses. According to SEO experts, you should be able to answer as many common questions on these pages as you can. Try to educate your clients, inform them and solve their issues with this content. Properly curated law hubs are the ones that are shared more and accepted as trustworthy. These allow you to establish yourself as an authority and enable you to attract traffic to your site. Make sure you post in-depth plagiarism free content. So, it will be great if you use plagiarism checker tool before publishing any new law related content in your site.

Those pages are ranked on search engines that contain informative content of 1890 words or more. It may take more time and effort to come up with in-depth content but it has it’s fruits once you do it. If you are able to curated content that completely covers a specific topic, it will lure more and more people to your site in search of valuable content. If you are able to present informational content that is worth reading for the target market, it will help you in establishing you and your site as authority in the subject matter. So, if you have expertise in family law, make sure you enlighten people about it.

Make sure to include main areas of practice in your website navigation

Search engine bots will crawl your site for understanding your focus and core business function. If you are sensible and include your attorney agency’s key areas of practice in the main navigation, then you will be able to establish your business's main areas of focus. It will also help you in ranking higher in your niche. If you don’t do it, you won’t be ranked higher. If you place your area of practice content in front of the site which is easily accessible, it will increase your content’s usability.

Potential clients while visiting your site will find it in no time and this will give them a clear picture of what areas or services are you better at. Simply saying, if you are expert in some certain areas of law, don’t just write ' practice areas or specific area'. Instead, mention your areas of expertise clearly on a menu.

No Keyword Stuffing

This SEO strategy is in practice for all industries. We know that keywords are vital for any strategy, but their use must be sensible. Sprinkle them naturally in your content and don’t stuff them. The flow of the content should remain the same and the reader should not feel that you have used a keyword forcibly in a sentence. If it fits in the content naturally without disturbing the content, go for it; otherwise, just don’t.  Make sure the appropriate use of keyword density to effectively optimize your content. .

Google has become very strict over it and you don’t want to mess with daddy, don’t ya?

Don’t forget to focus on Alt tags, Meta Description and title tags

Include your primary keyword or at least some part of it in Alt tags, Title tags and Meta Descriptions is compulsory for law firm SEO. The title tag is considered to be the most important for a website. You need to incorporate your main keyword in it. The meta description should always include at least one or two keywords and they are pointed out while someone searches using the same keyword in the search engines. In Meta descriptions, keywords are a reason for clicking on your site’s link. All of these factors are mostly related with On Page SEO settings of a website.

Alt tags are the ones that are included with the images on the site. Screen reader users understand clearly the images that appear with the content through Alt tags. They are ideal for incorporating keywords without any problem. Don’t overdo it and stay away from spamming. Make sure to describe the images and what they show.

Link Sensibly

If you understand the importance of linking in SEO, you are better than a lot. Are you well aware of the technicalities of linking? If yes, then you becoming an authority in your niche and bolstering your SEO success is not far. Internally link all your relevant pages. It will let your users dig deep and have more information. It will also help in gaining traffic and conversions, which you want the most.

With that, don’t be afraid of outbound links to credible sources of information. Google is rewarding when it comes to outbound links. Linking to sites that are credible can help you and your site in establishing credibility and also earn you quality backlinks.

Monitor your progress

Putting together the best SEO strategy is a job well done, but monitoring how your company SEO is progressing is extremely important. Incorporate a reliable and well-being known web ranking software that closely monitors your progress periodically. This toll should be able to identify things that are going fine and things that might need to be changed for ultimate results.

Be friends with social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and many other social media networks must be utilized to the fullest. Don’t overlook this phenomenon of reaching your target audience and communicating with them casually. It also helps in getting feedback the easier way. Social media helps you reach potential clients more accurately. Keep your audience engaged and know about their interests etc. Make improvements based on their likes and dislikes.  You can use social media counter to evaluate the level of success you achieve through your social media pages.  

Use hashtags sensibly that makes your site easily searchable for the clients. Post what they are interested in and also your team's real-life photos and achievements or your team participating in a charity event etc. This will help them in approaching you more easily. Also, indulge them into useful talks and conversions by posting something that initiates a useful debate. Let them connect with you without worrying about anything.

Create a friendly bond between you and them. Although you are a law firm and your industry may not allow you posting funny memes etc., but there are many other things that can keep them glued to you and drives them to share your pages and posts.

Closing words

We at suggest you that this is the best time to integrate a well though SEO strategy and rise up. Take your law firm to newer heights by going for a website and then for an SEO campaign that packs a punch. SEO may not be a walk in the park, but if done correctly, can yield unbelievable results.