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Key Power Tips On How To Improve Your Website Design For Better Conversion

Key Power Tips On How To Improve Your Website Design For Better Conversion

February 26, 2018

So you finally have your own website for your business—that's great! Interacting with prospective clients and customers should be a lot easier to deal with now that you have your own system and own space on the Internet where you can creatively  feature your products/services. So what now? How do you start encouraging people to visit your website and engage with its services or options that you have made available for them?

Just like in brick and mortar businesses, having people come into your space can be quite tricky as there are different factors to consider in order to attract visitors: including the psychographic and demographic factors of your prospect customers, as well as the interior and exterior design of your space. However, converting these visitors into buyers can be even more difficult, as it takes a lot of marketing combined with great graphic design layouts in order to start seeing an improvement in your website's conversion rate. So here are the key power tips on how to improve your website design for better conversion:

1.) Make it simple but persuasive

It's normal when you just want your website design to be unique, but this is the most crucial part because this is where most people get it all wrong. By wanting to be so uncommon, some tend to fall within the irony by creating a web design that is ultimately common. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities of designs that you can superimpose on your website, however, most visitors prefer a fuss-free layout that is easy on the eyes. The more distractions you offer, the more chances you welcome to drive away a prospective customer or client. Here are the things that you can do to simplify your design.

  • Begin by stripping down to the most basic designs, most preferably, a two-dimensional design.
  • Keep the dramatic drop shadows to a minimum.
  • Limit the animations as they will only slow down your website.
  • Use only a maximum of three font faces.

Not only will you be narrowing the focus of the visitors, you are more likely to make them linger on your web page rather than bounce off immediately.

2.) Use pops of color to catch attention

Colors should be utilized to catch the attention of the visitor, especially when it comes to special announcements such as promos, 50% sales, subscription values, and upcoming events. It should be noted, however, that using pops of color should also be kept to a minimum. Too much color splashed around a web page for a 'vibrant' or 'unique' look will only backfire against you. Instead of strategically making the visitor focus on some key points of your design, they will become more distracted and more likely to bounce off your website and look for other businesses to patronize.

3.) Make it user-friendly

So your website finally looks amazing on everyone's desktop—fantastic! But is it user-friendly? Is it even mobile friendly? These days, when it comes to designing a web-page, making it mobile friendly and user-friendly for an optimal user-experience is one of the utmost priorities. You have more chances of a higher conversion rate when your web design works best on both platforms.

  • Mobile friendly: Designing a website that looks good on a desktop is great. Designing a website that also looks good on mobile is better. With everyone clutching onto their smartphones for the most of the day, it is more convenient to check out a website with just a tap. You have to make sure your layout can be easily navigated on all screen sizes—whether Android or iOS.
  • No pop-up windows: Nothing turns away a visitor more than pop-up windows. Most users are anxious about acquiring a virus on their computer system so they would immediately close down the tab of the main web page and the pop-up window. This also takes away time as it requires both windows to load at the same time, forcing the visitor to close down the browser instead.
  • Video-friendly: Providing high-quality videos on your website for an introduction of your staff, products, and services is an effective form of marketing. Therefore, you have to make sure that the videos will load easily and will not take up so much time when buffering.

4.) Encourage visitors to spend on your website

Whether you are offering products or services, there are a few ways that you can encourage your customers to whip out their plastic cards and spend a few dimes on your offers:

  • Promos/Sale: whether it's a 50% off on your products and services for the season, a simple $20 gift voucher for new members, or free shipping when the total amount goes beyond $100—your customers will most likely grab this opportunity.
  • Rewards: For some websites that offer services, they give rewards for referrals, and in return, they gain more clients. This kind of exchange is a win-win for both parties.

5.) Provide a call to action

Visitors are more likely to respond to a call to action rather than simple statements. For example, between "Weight Loss Tips" and "Click Here to Know The Secret of Losing 5 kgs. in 10 Days!" without a doubt, visitors will click on the latter title as it encourages them to take action in hopes to reap something beneficial after. Whether it's about encouraging visitors to read your blog post or subscribe to your newsletter, a call to action will bump up your conversion rates.



6.) Feature testimonials and reviews

Word of mouth or other people's testimonies, whether you personally know them or not, will make website's legitimacy sound more convincing. Most websites will feature them at the bottom of their page, just before the contact details as the order of the design usually starts from Service/Product awareness > Reviews/Testimonials from previous clients > Contact Details so the transaction can be started.

To start seeing a dramatic change in your conversion rates, you will have to undergo many trials and errors before you can end up with the perfect formula that will resonate well with your target market. By following these key tips from Georgia SEO Explosion, you are surely well on your way!

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