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Key Tips on Improving Real Estate Leads Via SEO Methods

Key Tips on Improving Real Estate Leads Via SEO Methods

May 25, 2018

As a real estate agent, you’ll want to sell as many houses as you can. After all, a house is a basic human need, so the demand for it should constantly be high in an ideal universe. However, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies would beg to differ as according to their 2017 State of the Nation’s Housing report, the homeownership rate for the said year plummeted by more than 63 percent. Part of the reason for that decline may have something to do with your real estate website missing out on potential customers. You can change that though by following these key tips on how to improve your real estate leads via SEO – or search engine optimization – methods:

1. Keep your real estate listings as local as possible.


As much as you might initially think that mentioning only the state where you have a license to sell houses may bring you more leads to your real estate website, it might backfire. Facing stiff competition from your fellow real estate agents operating in the same state as yours isn’t helping you either.


You’ll thus want to narrow down your scope by concentrating on a city or town where you’ve historically sold a good number of houses and mention this place all throughout your website from its real estate listings up to your bio.


You’ll also want to include essential and relevant information regarding the city or town where you chose to focus your real estate website SEO efforts. You can add pages to your real estate website that talk about a typical day in the life of a resident in the city or town that you’ll specialize in, public transport options available for home buyers, and any amenities that are close by.

2. Make a guided video tour of a house that you’re selling.


As every smartphone nowadays is capable of recording video, you can use yours to improve the number of leads to your real estate website by taking them on a guided video tour to a house that you’re selling. However, you should make sure that the video you’ll upload to your real estate website is in a high-quality format. The house that you’ll be featuring should also be in selling condition to make the video professional and interesting to the buyer. The better you capture the good features the better chances of gaining more leads for your real estate listings.


3. Optimize your real estate website for mobile users.


Speaking of smartphones, most people have one. Potential buyers of any of the houses that you’ve put up for sale would most likely find out about them through their smartphone or tablet.


You should thus incorporate responsive design to your real estate website so any leads that it’ll attract won’t have any issues checking out its content and listings.


4. Use social media to spread the word even further about the houses that you’re selling.


Almost everyone these days has at least one social media account. You’ll thus want to utilize the power of social media in attracting leads towards your real estate website.


However, you’ll have to research which social media platform your real estate leads are using the most. You’ll also have to consider using either Instagram or Pinterest if you want the guided video tours that you’ve made for some of the houses that you’re selling to gain more views, likes, and shares from your potential clients.


You can also join some location-based Facebook groups with home buyers in them. You’ll have to make sure though that you can access the social media platform’s Scheduled Posts feature as a group administrator so that you can time every post that you’ll put out about any of the houses that you’re selling.


You’ll also have to use hashtags related to real estate as some home buyers will most likely enter one whenever they’re using social media to shop for a house. You should also ensure that your real estate website has Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other social media buttons displayed prominently on its landing page so that its visitors can easily check you out on social media as well.


According to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of all home buyers in America in 2017 have found their dream house and bought it thanks to the Internet. However, your real estate website may not have been fully utilizing the power of the Internet to sell houses which can force you to quit being an agent. You shouldn’t lose hope yet though. Instead, you should reframe your approach to selling houses by following the above-listed key tips on how to improve your real estate leads via SEO methods. If you need a helping hand with bringing more leads towards your real estate website, you should partner up with a trusted SEO and lead generation service like Ippei Leads. Good luck.

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