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Key Tips To Finding A Great SEO Expert For Your Website

Key Tips To Finding A Great SEO Expert For Your Website

June 19, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) “expert” is a status a lot of people like waving around, but not everyone can make sure their clients meet the kind of quality they need for the buck they spend. If you have a website you want to have better views, you may want to rely on key tips to finding a great SEO expert for your website. However, just what defines “expert,” and how big of a deal is the right SEO for your site?

If you’re wondering why you should take particular care into finding a great SEO expert for your website, perhaps a few numbers can help. Did you know that four (4) out of five (5) consumers actually use search engines to find information about local brands, products, and services? In terms of revenue, 40-percent of revenue are actually obtained through organic traffic - and this is quite a big number, considering that by the end of the year, there’s an estimated 73-billion phone calls that will be generated just by mobile search alone. Consider this number, and that 51.3-percent of internet users globally are actually using mobile devices, then you have a huge market to tap when it comes to search engine optimization. Here’s how to find a great SEO expert for your needs:


  • Referrals, knowing history is important: Is there any way for you to identify the history of the SEO expert you’re eyeing on hiring? Try to ask if your future SEO consultant, such as Houston’s top SEO expert, is willing to share their list of former and current clients alongside their contact information, so you could reach out to them for references. This doesn’t necessarily mean directly asking for analytics, but clients should be able to tell if this particular consultant has generated positive impact to their rankings and have achieved the kind of goals they’ve promised for the company.
  • Knowledgeable on your needs: A lot of people can say they’re “great” SEO consultants but actually just offer a lot of talk, but no work. One way of identifying if your prospective SEO consultant is all talk by asking them what they think should be the best way to improve your search engine rankings right now. They don’t need to go into specifics with data, but reputable SEO consultants shouldn’t hesitate to go into detail as to what they think is a suitable strategy for you to achieve your needs.
  • Technical and precise with proposals: If you have a prospective SEO consultant, try to ask them for a proposal as to what they think should be done to your marketing to improve your SEO. This goes beyond the initial “asking them what you should do” question above. In this part of the evaluation process, a reputable SEO consultant should be able to provide you with a technical review of your site alongside a concrete plan of possible optimization processes you could implement.
  • Adhere to the search engines’ webmaster guidelines: Various search engines have in fact what’s called webmaster guidelines, which are publicly-posted “best practices” for website owners. SEO consultants should be aware of these guidelines and how they can help your company boost your organic rankings without compromising these guidelines.
  • Performance on local search results: It’s important to understand the full capacity of your potential SEO consultant, which means they should be able to elaborate upon their capabilities when it comes to improving local search results. Not only are strategies different when it comes to improving local SEO and global SEO, but their implications vary as well. Local SEO means being able to attract customers near your location, while global SEO means getting traction across a global audience. Which matters to you more, and can your SEO consultant meet your needs?
  • Full disclosure on changes: Your SEO consultant should be willing to share with you all changes they make to your site, so you’re able to keep track of the various things that are happening and make appropriate adjustments on your end as management as well. If you want to make sure they ask permission before changing any aspect of your website, you should be free to do so.
  • Assessment of success: How exactly is your consultant planning on measuring their success? You must be able to track exactly the kind of traffic your site is generating, among other factors. Consultants should be able to use Google Analytics in order to accurately track adjustments and improvements to rankings.
  • Payment terms, communication should be clear: Your methods of communicating with your consultant should be crystal clear. Just how do their fees work, and are they paid per-project, per-hour, or by retainer? How will you be able to communicate with them?

Conclusion: Meeting Your SEO Needs


Getting an SEO expert for your website means getting a search engine optimization expert that is capable of creating ideas and plans based on accurate and precise measurements of data based on assessments of search engine patterns. This is something that is risky, given no one really ever knows what's going on in the algorithms of search engines such as Google. The SEO expert you should get should understand such a caveat and is still able to pull off ways to continuously engage with customers with website ideas that can make your brand attractive to your audiences.

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