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Link Building for Better SEO Results in 2019

March 08, 2019

It is always good to understand a concept and how it works before drilling down to its pros and cons. Link Building is one of the best ways to earn reputation for a website. A lot of website owners do not exercise this technique in a proper manner because they do not have enough awareness. What is link building? In simple terms, link building is establishing online relationships with websites that stand at high positions than you. The benefit is very simple. A website that is connected with better websites does not have to struggle to get the job. This does happen for new websites. They have to struggle a lot to make it to the first page of results against the desired keywords. It’s also compulsory for the SEO professionals to work on the broken links building of the site to attract more organic traffic.


Link Building can obviously help in avoiding this struggle and time usage. Websites with quality links are counted as trustworthy options because they are connected to websites which people depend on. With strong links, a new website can reach the heights at a quick pace as people would not take long in building their trust. It can be said that strong links help a website in generating higher volumes of online business.


In the year 2019 as well, link building would be used as a powerful method to improve the rank of a website and get better online business results. Here are some ideal link building techniques through which you can get ideal business results in a short duration.


Quality submissions of guest blogs

Doing business and establishing brand relations is all about give and take. If this give and take is done in the right proportion, a strong long lasting relationship is formed. Link building is something that involves smart thinking. When you submit a quality blog on another strong website, the traffic on that website gets to read that post. This obviously improves the readability of the specific website. However, more than that, it would help you in marketing your brand with a strong impact. This is simply because your blog would be published on a website which would already have a high count of followers. Here are some points which should be focused on prior to blog submission. The quality of the written content is important. Correct punctuation of the written texts means your content will be valued more, and your site will get more organic searches.


You should know that a reputed website would obviously not take anything in place of a blog submission. The quality has to be state of the art. Do not expect a reputed website to publish information with mistakes or incorrect facts. A successful guest blog submission can create wonders for you. On the other hand, a sub-standard blog can ruin the entire online marketing campaign. The simple way to get attention of potential buyers is by submitting quality content. Guest blogs are mostly submitted on websites with a high count of visitors and followers. Thus, when a quality post is published on such a website, it instantly catches the attention of all visitors. As your post would be having a link to your website, people would make a visit and even make purchases if things are according to their needs. In an overall manner, it can be said that guest post submission is a strong way to attain conversions.

A better Domain Authority

Website owners need to understand that Google does not rank a website blindly. Various parameters and factors are considered and a rank is awarded on basis of that. When a good number of links are pointing to your website, Google would place it at a high position. However, the standard of links is an important factor. You cannot expect a high rank if your website is connected to low standard websites. Quality links help in improving Domain Authority. When the Domain Authority score increases, the rank of the website is improved as well. With prepostseo you can easily check the domain authority of your website.


Websites earn a reputation through state of the art business tactics, quality content and service provision. A new website has to go through several stages before it is rated as credible. Credible websites do not share links with low standard domains. Thus, if your website is connected to a credible domain, it would be counted as credible as well. This would obviously make it easy for people to develop trust. In other words, people would visit your website regularly resulting in increased conversions.

Get Referral Traffic in an easy manner

There is nothing bad about having a higher traffic count on your website. It obviously increases popularity and chances of generating more business. Link building results in driving the traffic on the website you are connecting with to your home page.


Most brands struggle with conversions because they do not have a good traffic count on their website. Link building is an easy solution to this problem as traffic from another website comes your way. You can obviously expect more mature leads and conversions when a higher count of people visits your website. Again, this is dependent on the website you are connecting with. If that particular website does not have a good traffic count. Along with that, make sure that you are connecting with a brand selling similar products / services to enhance growth of business. If you are running a shoe brand, connecting with a website selling furniture would not help your business in growing. Lastly, check and double check the reputation of the website you are connecting with. This is obviously a very important parameter as connecting with a scam website can wipe you off the Google search list for ever. This is the reason why it is always good to survey about a website before you establish a link. If a website with negative reputation is pointing at you, the performance of your website would obviously start declining.

Avoiding the struggle phase

It is not easy for a new website to make a place in the market. First of all, this takes time. Other than that, the level of competition between different websites is quite high in every category. If you are about to launch a new baby food brand, there would be several established brands you would have to deal with. It is obvious that these brands would have a stronger position than yours. Other than that, their website would have more traffic that yours. In such cases, connecting with one of these websites would obviously help you out. How is that so? The following benefits provide a clear explanation of the benefits you can attain.


The biggest challenge for any website is to get traffic and attain popularity. If you are connected to a well-established domain, the traffic landing on that website would reach your page as well. This is done mainly by guest post submission. You do not have to operate the website for a long span without any traffic. More consistent traffic obviously increases the chances of getting conversions. Established websites do not have any issues related to conversions because they have a large customer count. These are regular visitors who browse the website on day to day basis. It is obvious that when people visit a website regularly, they would show interest in the products advertised. This is when you can expect the sales volumes to increase and business to grow. New websites take their time when it comes to attracting traffic. This is simply because people do not know about the existence of the website. When a website is new, a specific time span is needed for it to acquire a positive reputation. Google does not rank a new website at high position if it is not linked to professional domains.

No apprehensions about conversions

A website establishes a strong online presence for any brand and this does not happen overnight. For most website owners, getting conversions is an area of worry. If you do not get conversions, you would obviously not generate profit. Smart website owners use link building as a way to increase conversions. When they establish a connection with a reputed domain, people automatically start visiting their website. The reputation of the website builds at a fast pace and people start purchasing things as well.


Websites that do not have high standard links pointing towards them do not have an easy route when it comes to getting conversions. They have to climb their way upwards. For instance, a new website does not have a good domain authority score. As a result, it takes a long time frame to supersede other websites and get a high score. Link building makes this less challenging. It is one the most successful ways to increase the rank of the website and get a consistent load of high traffic.


If you talk about building better relations in the online business domain, link building is an ideal alternative. When a new website connects with one that has already been operating from a long time, it does not have go through a struggling phase. A long time span is not needed to get conversions and customers because a lot of referral traffic is attained. Link building needs to be executed on the basis of some key principles. One of them is the reputation of website you are connecting with. For how long has the website been running its operations? Does it have a long clientele? Does the website have regular visitors? Before you connect with a particular website, make sure that you have answers to these questions. Constructing a link building relation with a website should not be a random decision by any means. You need to think about several things and ensure that the correct decision is taken.