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Link building techniques to follow in 2019

February 01, 2019

The level of competition between websites is increasing with the passage of each day. Only the best websites are able to get their hands on the maximum visitors. If your website is up to the mark in every area, it would not be a problem to excel and a high count of organic searches. Having quality links not only helps the website in getting a good rank but in business terms, you are able to generate high profit volumes. In the year 2019, the importance of link building would continue to increase like it has been rising in the last few years. Website owners should be aware of these techniques so that they can generate good profit volumes.

Link building techniques 2019

1. Opt for topics that do not have a time expiry

The establishment of links depends a lot on the kind of content you produce. Written content having a time expiry is only accessed by people for a limited time period. For instance, if a blog title is “best software programs for 2018”, people would only read it until the year 2018 comes to an end. After that, people would not be interested in reading the written blog. Content written with a time expiry would only be read for a fixed time span. Once the mentioned date has passed away, people would not read the content.

When you talk about evergreen content, you cannot simply select any topic and write on it. There are certain factors which should be taken into account. You need to opt for a topic which people would read about at all times. For instance, if you want to write content on fashion, titles like “fashion trends which do not change” or “evergreen clothing fashions for men” would be appropriate titles. As these titles would not have any time limitations, people would show interest in them. Evergreen content catches the attention of people at all times. In the year 2019 as well, it would prove to be an amazing link building strategy. 

2. Linking with the best in business

Let us take the example of professional business partnerships and mergers. A company would never establish a partnership with another organization if it is not up to the mark in terms of professional calibre. This is because the purpose of a professional business partnership is company growth and not organizational decline. For a website to establish links with other websites, business owners should check the standard of the websites they are linking to. Only the best websites should be considered for link building purposes. Do not establish links with a website if the brand on the other side is less than the best in any manner. Some practices which can help you are listed below.


Check the profile of the brand you are considering for link building. Connecting with a low standard brand can obviously create negative effects. Have a look at the clientele of the brand. If it has a small customer count, you cannot count the brand as successful. Thus, connecting with it would obviously not help you in growing. What do people have to say about the brand? These days with people being so active on social media, checking the standing of a brand is not very hard. For instance, every well-known brand has an active presence on Facebook. Successful brands have a large number of followers on Facebook. Along with that, they post positive comments about the brand. If you see that a brand has been appreciated by people, connecting with it through link building would be a good option. In an overall manner, link building should help you in improving the image of your brand and improving its progress.

3. Have a close eye on your competitors

Keeping an eye on the competitor brands helps in a number of ways including the establishment of backlinks. If you want to get your hands on quality links, see the list of the top ten websites. You can use various backlink analysis tools including Moz. Once you determine the links which are being used by the top rated websites, you need to add them to your content.


Building links that are being used by the top rated websites is a major help. First of all, you do not need to be worried about whether the link is credible or not. If one of the top ranked website is using a link for link building purposes, you can be sure that the link belongs to a highly reputed brand. This is a much safer option than experimenting with new links. Once you have determined the links being used by the top ranked websites, you need to use them in an effective manner. To start with, add these links to your content. Stuffing links without a purpose backfires and your brand would start losing reputation instead of developing a stronger image. This is a mistake that most website owners make. To accelerate the link building process, they add links without checking the standard of the brand behind it. You should only aim at connecting with websites that are the best. This would obviously require you to select the top links. In other words, it is always good to carry out a research before you start the link building process.

4. Being a part of well-known directories

Reputed directories help in getting good search engine ranks and this is an incredible option for link building. An example would help in gaining more understanding. Websites that are listed on Yahoo, Bing and other popular directors are considered credible by people. When people are searching on the internet, they usually click the links listed on these directories. For instance, if someone is making an internet search, he would use Yahoo, Bing or any other prominent director to visit a link. This simply means that websites listed on Bing, Yahoo and other popular directories get more exposure than the ones which are not. Thus, in 2019, if you are looking for an effective link building strategy, getting listed on popular directories is one of the best alternatives.

5. Getting connected to the top bloggers

One of the quickest link building ways is getting in touch with the finest bloggers near you. You can get their attention by offering give away options and discount offers. In exchange, you can talk to them for writing a top notch blog and publishing it on different platforms.

It is important to get connected to the top bloggers only so carry out a proper research for this purpose. Experienced bloggers have a reputation and they are well aware of the platforms that can be used for quality link building. Getting connected to these professionals would not only help you with effective link building but your SEO rank would improve as well.


6. Guest Blog submission is a powerful link building method

Guest blog submission has proven to be an amazing method for link building purposes. In the year 2019 as well, its importance is expected to increase. As compared to a lot of other link building methods, guest blog submission is easier to execute considering that all the required principles are followed.


A guest blog should not simply focus on product promotion. When you are submitting a blog on another website, readability would be a more important factor and people should find your content interesting. Today, people do not click a link until they are sure that it is worth their effort and time. Through guest blog submission, you can only convince or encourage a visitor to click the link to your website if the content is interesting enough. Hence, a guest blog needs to be written with immense dedication, focus, topic depth and interesting approach. When you talk about the quality of a guest blog, there are several factors which need attention. One of them is the level of research. Gone are the days when simply repeating few points was enough to write a good blog. Today, people read each line and judge a website on the basis of that. If a guest blog is poorly written, it would have a direct impact on the number of clicks. The moment people feel that the content lacks quality; they would not click the link to your website. In other words, the link building process would turn into a complete failure. You need to put in immense effort to come up with a professionally written blog. Make sure that you are carrying out a detailed analysis of what people want to read before you even type the first word.

If you are looking for more link building techniques then you should check 25 link building techniques by McKremie.

Adding It All Up

Why would people click the link to your website if you do not have already established contacts? With so many alternatives available, people simply pick the best ones. Being connected to reputed brands helps in developing a credible image. People do not have any issues in trusting websites with high standard prestigious links.