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How to make your Online Business Successful in just 10 months

How to make your Online Business Successful in just 10 months

April 12, 2018

Starting a business, which is online, is always risky but much interesting and attractive! Online business is the key solution to reach potential customers all over the world under one platform by working virtually. It is the opportunity to make money online rather than depending on large overheads. All you need is some basic website development skills and more importantly, to use your skills effectively will give you your required output in a meaningful way. Here are some sparkling ways to enhance your online business in just 10 months and helps you to become a successful entrepreneur. 12 steps plan to implement within 10 months and keep on applying for better results and to increase your performance.

Step 1: Organization of Website


Before making anything successful, its proper organization is very important. So same is the case with online business website assets, you need to organize them in an efficient manner. Website asset includes social media and your accounts used for hosting purposes. Organization of social media includes keeping your posts up to date and relevant. For this, one should use most relevant and appropriate keywords in your posts. Every post should be integrated with most current information. This is the most easy and most important step for the successfulness of your online business.

Step 2: Maintenance of Records


Customer records are very important part of the online business. They should be maintained. It helps you to track your customers for sending them emails on regular basis plus it helps to build the trust relationship between the customer and your company based on online business. There should be a very secure mechanism to destroy their records related personal information like credit card so that no unauthorized have the access to use or exploit it.

Step 3: Competitor?

Do you have a competitor in your online business? If Yes! Then you need to make a plan to make your business more successful than it your competitor. First thing for you to find out that, why the customers are attracted towards them?

Step 4: Brand Reputation

This is only a game of Online Reputation! For winning it, you need to Google Alerts (notifications). This way you will be able to inspect whenever your brand name is mentioned anywhere online. In this way, you can track your customer suggestions and complaints and do some necessary measures according to them.

Step 5: Serving? YES!  Selling? NO!

The most basic yet effective strategy is that you will get what you want but on the cost of providing others, what they want!  The meaning of this is that you need to identify market problems. You need to understand what the current market need, what are their concerns and then change your policies according to them.

Step 6:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is very important for your online business. To make it successful you need to do to research on keywords and for this, you can use Google AdWords. You need to find out the most popular keywords to be used. You can find them using SEOMoz. For search engine optimization (SEO) to become successful, you need to consider keywords and blogging. They are connected to each other.

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Step 7: Google Algorithms

To make your online business successful, you need to put it on top of search engines. For this, you need to understand how Google Algorithms works?  Now Google Algorithms are so efficient that only using keywords do not serve the purpose. You need to provide the relevant content also. So make sure the content on your online business website is relevant.

Step 8: Up to the minute Trends

To serve effectively first you need to understand your audience. As we know that trends are changing within days and constantly. You need to make pace with them. Provide your products with latest trends.

Step 9: Social Media


Marketing of your online business is very necessary for it to become a successful one. Again, there is the same idea that you need to understand your audience what they like, what they use and what they do not like, and what they do not use. Most of the people around us are attached to social media in one way or the other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their first choices to use when they have free time.  Even stories are available on many social media platforms.You need to be active on these platforms. Do your publicity on these platforms. This will make your business attractive for the customers and in return, you will get publicity and more customers. Moreover, by this strategy, you have a chance to know customer community more closely.

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Step 10: Customer Service

Customer is always right! Remember it. Never ignore your customer. There should be a proper way on your online business website for the customers to place their queries and one should always be available to serve them at any time. You should provide convenience to them. This will attract them and they feel that you understand their needs and ultimately build trust. They should always be welcome to give suggestions as well.

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Step 11: Track Expenses

Most of the people with online business do not understand the importance of tracking expenses. This should be done from the very first day. You need to track them otherwise they will not be in your control and it is really easy to do. Make a list.  Place revenue in one column and expenses in the other one. All you need to keep a check that your expenses do not increase your revenue. For this, you can use applications like Google Sheets or QuickBooks.

Step 12: Persistent

In the end, the most important step. You need to be persistent about applying any strategy to make your online business successful. Nothing can happen overnight or fortnight. You need to keep applying these effective steps for 10 months. Just 10 months and here you go! Stay focus.