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Examples of mass email newsletters that will bring your customers back

Examples of mass email newsletters that will bring your customers back

April 02, 2018

Every day, marketers try to gain the trust of thousands or even millions of consumers. Obviously, with such a large audience, you can't please everybody. The reasons are different:

  • customers do not like something,
  • are tired of hearing from you
  • there is no time to read your letters, go to the page and the site.

In the last two cases, you can't focus your attention on the fact of insufficient attention from the target audience, but you also cannot ignore implementing regular mass mailing of newsletters. Did you notice a "coldness" in your relationship with the customer? Clear the situation; make every effort to regain the person's attention.

Reactivation letters are used for this purpose. In the article, we, AtomPark, email and sms marketing software developers, have prepared 5 examples for you of successful email campaigns devoted to the reactivation of lazy subscribers. Come Back

The guys from the movie site really know how to work with subscribers who did not read their letters. They chose a simple and effective way: a nice cat in boots, whose plaintive eyes no one could resist, with a short and clear call to action, "Come back to LOVEFiLM today" and a green button confirming the person's consent to further mailings.




Crocs: It's been so long!

And you've noticed that in such letters marketers often use a vocabulary characteristic of communication when meeting close acquaintances, such as, "we miss you," "come back to us," etc. This style of communication is significantly different from the generally accepted official distribution of popular brands.

In this example, Crocs tells the subscriber that it's been a long time since the last "meeting." They remind the person of the value of their newsletters and offer a 20% discount on the purchase of their goods in exchange for re-verification of their subscription to the newsletter.



Teespring: Come back…

...and again the disarming eyes of animals. We choke on compassion nicely - this method has become a signature business card for Teespring marketers during the reactivation email campaigns. Stupid?  Maybe. But they do it and it really works. Just show people something they will not be able to look away from and add them to the ranks of active readers.




Chipotle: Are you staying with us or leaving?

There are no puppies here, but just look at this headline. Should I stay or go? What do you mean, Chipotle? Below, under the title is written "At some point you registered on our website, became a member of our loyalty program or ordered something from us." With this proposal, it becomes immediately clear why this letter was sent and from where they got your email address.



Further they say that they are cleaning their lists of the addresses of the recipients of the newsletter and want to find out whether their news is interesting to you. If yes, then you must confirm it by clicking the appropriate button.

In general, these letters are extremely effective both for maintaining the hygiene of the database, and for attracting the attention of inactive subscribers.

The result

Silent does not mean lost! Work with inactive consumers correctly: communicate, ask their opinion, show emotions, be their friend. Thus, you will not only return the client, but also win his trust and devotion for many years!