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Most effective ways to build backlinks in 2018

Most effective ways to build backlinks in 2018

October 17, 2018

In SEO, you come across the concept of back links more often than you did imagine. What this means is that back links are an effective metric for website ranking today. Search engines like Google and Bing use back links to understand how credible your website is. And it is not just the number of back links. The quality of the back links is just as important. We could also go on to saying that if there was one thing you had to focus on in quality and quantity, it did be the quality. Without maintaining the quality of the back links, the quantity is just a number. There is no value that the back links will add in upgrading your search engine rankings. Link building tools are beneficial to get more new backlinks for your site.  

What are back links?

It is first important to understand what back links are exactly. Think of the internet and all the websites on it as a community. Now think of it as a community of doctors. Every doctor specializes in one area. Now in every area of medicine, there is SEO competition. As someone who is a dentist, you would not recommend people other dentists. Because that would mean that you are ruining your own sales. However, if someone comes to you who has malpositioned teeth. While that comes under your study, you don’t specialize in it necessary.  You could recommend them a good orthodontist. It does not ruin your sales but it does benefit the other doctor. You do your basic checkup and get paid for it and when you direct the audience in the right direction, your patients get satisfied. Likewise, a lot of times bloggers don’t have all the information on the topic. Or they can’t summarize all the information in just on blog post. It is also the case that the topic can’t be explained that easy. Also give a look at bcc interactive's guide on how to build backlinks to improve your backlink search strategy.

For this purpose, they add links to other blogs where the reader can find additional information. The same case is with content that the bloggers don’t create. Sure, you can write on the topic but it may be that you, as a blogger, look up some visual pieces of content. This is why you give credits to the owner of the content and how you do that is through back links. Now it’s essential to check uniqueness of your written words.

 You add a link of their blog in your blog post. When a dentist recommends another orthodontist, it says a lot about the credibility of the orthodontist. And if the dentist himself is a successful person, it adds more to the credibility. Likewise, when search engines like Google and Bing spot a website recommending another one, it says a lot about the quality of the website. Both the quality and quantity is relevant in this case.

What are some of the ways to build back links in 2018?

SEO techniques are always changing. And they are subject to how search engines operate. If Google was to not take in account back links, we would not be writing a blog post on it. It would be whatever the owners of the big database companies want. And it is all for the good of the visitors. Here is a list of ways you can build back links in 2018!

    Broken-link building method

You first need to understand what broken links are. Broken links are links on your website whose web pages are either deleted or don’t exist anymore. And even though there is a link, it does not open anymore. It is the 404 page error. For search engines, this means a bad ranking. To avoid that, you can use broken link checkers. However, there are often times that people don’t use them and are not aware of the broken links for their websites. Begin by looking for websites on your niche who can give you a back link. When that happens, you can look up broken links for that website. Try to contact the webmaster for the website. Inform them of the broken link on their website and introduce yourself and your business. There is a high probability that you will get backlinks as a thank you for your favor.

    Guest posting

Guest posting is a method that helps two parties at once. It is when a writer writes for another website and gets published. This is done for a number of reasons. In the introduction section for the author, there is a link to the author’s blog. That allows for a better search engine ranking. Likewise, the author gets to introduce himself to a whole new audience. If the audience likes the content, they can go on visiting the website of the author. This is referral traffic. Guest posting can help authors build relationships if they work by hard enough. On the other hand, the website owners get to publish content without paying for it. They earn through the advertisements on the page. It is a win and win situation.

     Creating infographics

You learned that you can get back links by writing for other blogs and helping them. However, there are other ways too. The content on a blog post is much more than just the text content. It also includes the visuals. Now every website does not create visuals for itself. It is difficult to have people who can use illustration software and have great writing skills at the same time on board. You must also know about the grammar checker tool to be more productive in your writing. Likewise, graphics designers may cost you a bit too much. So blogs prefer to take content off other websites and then mention links in the credits. By creating content that can be of use to other websites, you can get back links.

     Create internal hyperlinks

This is probably one of the best manual methods to build back links. Internal back links are back links that redirect the visitor to a page, document or image on another space on your website. This helps send the link juice and is one of the best ways to build links. You can create one to two internal hyperlinks on every post on your blog easily.

     Use back link generator

Now this is the easiest way to create back links on your website. Back link generator, as the term indicates, is an online tool that you can use to create back links for your website. An effective SEO Strategy is the key here. This is an easy to use tool and it is free. But since it is so easy and does not cost you a penny, it has its setbacks. It may not be the best and the most credible way to go about this. On the back link generator, you have to share the website for which you want to create back links. The generator does the rest of the job for you in this case. Back links are one of the important metrics used today to rank higher on Google. Google being the main source of your organic traffic, you should work on the back links for your website. It is a topic you can’t just understand in 20 minutes. And you certainly can’t specialize in it in 20 minutes. So take your time. Study how it works and then think further. See what techniques work for your blog the best. All websites are different. Good luck!