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New Features in our plagiarism Software

November 06, 2016

We are happy to announce that plagiarism checking via .pdf files is now supported. You can check plagiarism of any of your .pdf file via our online plagiarism software.

We already support .doc, .docx and .txt files. You can also use previous file types also. Words limit is same for all types of plagiarism detecting methods. We added pdf support after huge requests from our customers.

What we have added New?

  1. Plagiarism checking is now more faster and secure
  2. support almost all important file type including .doc, .docx, .pdf and .txt
  3. Increased limit for free users.
  4. Update prepostseo wordpress plugin
  5. Remove uploading of multiple files, to ensure the security of your content.


Plagiarism APIs system is also updated and we have also made it more fast. You can check plagiarism vai sentence wise or you can check full text in just one request. we have also changed the apis urls. you can check new plagiarism apis documentation to update your system accoirding to our services.


if you need any help regarding our seo tools please let us assist you.