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Plagiarized content limit according to SEs

Plagiarized content limit according to SEs

October 31, 2016

It is one of very first question that comes in mind when you want to write content for your website. How much plagiarized content is ignored by google, bing and for safe ranking in the search engines. Today we will discuss all those aspects with examples.

According to the surveys google has set different plagiarism limit according to the nature of the websites. If your website is related to mobiles, laptops, etc. then google might allow you to 65% plagiarized content because most of the things remain same in these type of websites. For example mobiles and laptop specifications will be same on all websites. Similarly details of mobile feature will be almost same. It's better to check plagiarism of the words you write before posting these. 

In some cases google not even allow you 30% plagiarized content. In this category those website fall where article related to general topics exists. For example; “Top 10 mobile of 2016” in this topic you will not go into the details of specifications but you will write your own views.

In case if you have a news website; in this category content similarity ratio might exceed 35%. What we have checked that google will not harm your page if you have less than 40% plagiarized content. Remember that adding reference to those websites where you copied text will not free you from search engines so you have to keep your plagiarized content ratio less than 40%.

You might see some webpages having less than 50% unique content but they rank high in google. Reason is that, those websites have very high domain and page authority. To check authority of website you can use authority checker tool.