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Productive SEO techniques of 2019 you may be missing

Feb 20, 2019

As a brand owner, you should know what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it can affect the brand growth. Websites have a rank which is awarded to them by Google. This rank is obviously awarded after a detailed analysis and several aspects of the website are taken into account. The right techniques can obviously help you in getting the correct rank for your website. On the other hand, not being aware of the correct techniques can create several problems as well.

SEO techniques do not remain the same and keep changing according to user searching behavior and buying patterns. Based on these changes, websites have to alter their strategy as well. If you have attained a high level of SEO success in 2018 by following a certain tip, it does not mean that the same would happen in the year 2019. Hence, it can be said that SEO practices change and have to be updated as well.

If your website is not performing according to expectations in the year 2019, you may be missing some or all of the following techniques.

1. Updated keywords do it all


When did you last insert the correct keywords in your website? When was the content updated last? These two important questions define the keyword status of the written content. If you have recently dropped in terms of online traffic, it may be because the content may be lacking relevant keywords. If your customers have been using “best cake shops in LA” to reach your website last year, it does not mean that they would be using the same phrase this year as well. Users change their preferences for search keywords. To get your website ranked highly, these new keywords should be present in the content.

Keyword planning is an absolutely necessary part of the content development process. Your website should not be visible to users if you do not have updated keywords in the content. This is simply because Google gives a lot of importance to the correct keywords and its algorithm has been developed accordingly. Keyword planning has to be done on a regular basis so that customer searching parameters can be entertained at all times. Keywords are not inserted in a random manner. You simply cannot pick a few keywords and construct the content around it. Keyword planning is absolutely necessary as it helps you in determining relevant keywords which should be included in the content. Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for helping with both local and global SEO. With this tool, you can check what users are searching for.

2. Local SEO


Optimizing your website is about making sure people are able to come across your business in real life. In case you have a local business, like a store or shop, or have people visiting your office frequently, people would like to know more about you online before visiting you. But if the targeted audience, which is situated in the same geographical location in which you are, is not visiting you, you will need to optimize your website. Let’s say you own a business in Birmingham and you want people to visit you or your website from Birmingham. The reason for it might be your goods and services which are more relevant to the native clients than global customers. In such scenario, the local SEO or SEO Birmingham will play a key role in boosting the business at regional level. This is usually what we call “local SEO.” The basic rule nowadays is that it’s by much the easiest way to do SEO if you have a proper address in a good city or location. The fact is, if you want to optimize a website for a service area, for example, where you are not located physically, your main SEO tool will be content. You ought to write about the area i.e., you should write a lot about that region/location/city.

3. Continuous analysis of competitors is required


It is impossible to get ahead in business if you do not know what your competitors are doing. Other than that, at times, you can get ahead in business simply by looking at what your competitors are doing. For instance, consider an example. Consider that your website ranks suddenly start going low. When you have a glance at your competitor website, you figure out that they have used visual content on a greater scale. This is obviously an edge. The goal is that you knew where you are lacking by having a look at your competitors.

Online business is a very competitive arena and one can only excel if he has a clear idea of how the competitors are performing. If you look at the number of online brands, you would figure out that the count is very high. On daily basis, several brands are getting launched in each category. With such a competitive environment in place, only the best brands are able to get a commanding position. Google analytics is a state of the art tool to check the performance of your rival brands. Through this analytics tool, the traffic on each website is checked. You can check the count of visitors on each website and where this count is increasing or decreasing. It helps a lot for the competitor analysis procedure. For instance, if you have a similar website like that of one of your competitors, gauge each page through the analytics tool. See which pages are getting more traffic and compare with the corresponding page on your website. In this way, you would know where you are lacking. For instance, if the rival website has a better color scheme, it can be a core reason for lesser traffic. Do you need to do a competitor analysis on a regular scale? The answer to this question is no. You need to keep an eye on your competitors at all times so that you can improve your business progress at all times.

4. Making the user experience more friendly


User experience is one area which would always carry a high level of importance. Hence, the moment, you stop paying attention to it, you would notice a drop in the traffic count. Why does user experience have so much importance? This question has a very simple answer. User experience covers a number of important areas which have a direct impact on the website progress. For instance, one key UX area is technical functionality. All the pages of your website should be 100% functional. There is nothing worse than a page returning the 404 error. If any of your web pages have this error, most people would not make another visit out of disgust and irritation.

Regular and continuous focus on user experience is very important. If your website is very informative but the user experience is not up to standard, you cannot expect a good count of traffic to come your way. For instance, consider that you have constructed a website with the finest content but users have to search a lot to access their desired features. People do not access such websites because it requires them to put in the effort. Instead, users search for websites which are convenient to use and they do not have to put in any effort. In a nutshell, the user experience should be what the targeted users prefer. Some website owners believe that coming up with good user experience is only about designing a very advanced website. This is not a factual statement and everything depends on who your targeted customers are. If your customers do not have enough technical understanding, there is no point in coming up with an advanced website. Instead, your focus should be to make a website that is easy to understand and interpret.

5. Comprehensive content development tactics


If you have content development is the most important component, it would be very easy for your website to capture a high SEO rank. In addition to that, a high SEO rank obviously means that you would be getting more conversions. Here are some essential content development tactics which would be important in 2019.

The content should be related to what you sell and what users would be searching for. If you are selling bananas, do not talk about apples if you are not selling them only to increase the word count. People who make purchases online and are serious about buying would not be concerned about how long the content is. The content is weighted in terms of quality and how informative it is. Readers view content and decide within the first ten or twelve seconds about whether they would continue reading the page or not. The originality of the content is an extremely important aspect. Publishing plagiarized content is an unprofessional act and you cannot copy content which has been prepared by someone else. Even if you are using it, the information has to be rephrased properly. Other than that, it is hard to retain customers when the information on your website is not unique. If people get to read what they have already read, they would lose interest. Hence, it can be said that content uniqueness makes a serious difference.

Summing it all up

Most websites fall down the SEO rank list because they do not practice the correct SEO techniques. SEO tactics should be updated from time to time. If a website has been successful using one SEO tip in one year, it is not necessary that the same practice would work in the other year. Content Development and User Experience are two very important areas for the growth of a website. In addition to that, these two factors also improve SEO rank.

When you talk about content, it should be related and unique. Do not publish information that is not connected to the company profile or product line you have. This would confuse the reader instead of increasing his information. Be sure about checking content for grammatical mistakes and other issues which can ruin a brand reputation.

User experience can also increase or decrease the traffic on a website. If a website has poor user experience, users would not be encouraged to browse the website and spend time on it. A website should be technically sound and have an easy to use interface to gather traffic.