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Role of Image Alt Attribute in SEO

Role of Image Alt Attribute in SEO

December 21, 2015

We use images for different objectives on a website e.g. to use them for navigational purpose, icons, graphics in text, bullet points or use to enhance the understanding of text. Most of the users are able to understand and explain the reason for using the images by having a look on them but still there are some users who are unable to look or interpret the images. There could be following reasons for that:

  • Blind users who understand the content of web through a screen reader
  • Operators with low internet speed that hinders their ability to download the images
  • Operators who have disabled the images on the browser
  • Search engines that are unable to explain the content of the images
  • Browser with only text mode is unable to display the graphics

So to avoid all the above mentioned problems in the interpretation of images Hyper Text Markup Language makes you available with image alt attribute to explain the graphics in text readable format. It is in fact very much helpful and significant for SEO and the usability of your content. It helps the above mentioned operators with a vast usability of the website and also translates the graphics in most related search results because of enriched SEO site. The image usually contains some text that explains the image use and increases the understanding.

Here you will read about the factors to maximize the use for images and SEO:

 Tips For Images:

  1. BMP, SVG, WebP, GIF, PNG and JPEG formats should be used for the images.
  2. Important text of an article should not be embedded in the graphics itself as it should be defined in regular Hyper Text Markup Language.
  3. The image name should describe the content of the image as it increases the level of understanding.
  4. You must keep the size of file within certain limits to make the download faster.
  5. The height and width of image should be specified because it helps the searcher to know the size of image so he can keep the space spared for the image while loading a page.

Tips For Alt Text Content:

  1. The words length used for the description of image should be 10 words or less than that.
  2. The key words must be used in image alt attribute in readable format but stuffing of keys words should be avoided.
  3. If you are using image alt attribute for various products of same type on one page then must differentiate them on the basis of the category as same attribute should be avoided on a single page.  
  4. If some specific font style has been used for image text then same should be used for the alt text attribute.

Tips for SEO:

  1. Images should be placed at the most relevant place in the content as Google understands the graphics by the keywords and text exists in its surrounding. It's essential to post non plagiarized images.
  2. Anchor text to which the image is linked is used by Google to explain and interpret the content of the image so such text should be so relevant that it will maximize your search.
  3. If the page title also consists of an image then it is also considered by the Google search engines. 

If you really want to get huge traffic to your site then must use the image alt attribute in all the above situations. It also improves users and operators experience which ultimately enrich your site SEO and give your site a high ranking.