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Role Of Meta Title, Meta Description in WordPress SEO

Role Of Meta Title, Meta Description in WordPress SEO

December 21, 2015

If you are looking for heavy traffic for your website then your front page title and description should be very attractive to capture the user attention as well as to get the better rankings in Google SERP. It ever remains very important and effective factor which is considered by SEO. Wordpress SEO plug in enables you to add your own content for Meta title and Meta description quickly and easily. If it is supposed that it is not influential or effective to get better ranking or to optimize the search engine then also it has an absolute influence on the click through rate. Click through rate (CTR) is actually a factor which is used by Google in its algorithm to ascertain that where the websites are located in SERP.  

So the only thing that you need do is to decide and design your Meta title and Meta description with very much care by considering all the points, what is right and what is wrong, where to start and where to end. You must be very clear about its objective to get the heavy traffic while the visitors click on your link. You must follow the following points while deciding it:

  1. Meta title length should be about 65 characters and Meta description length should be from 130-155 characters. This is not an exact number as it depends upon Google that what it adds to the result of your search and how much it shows. The Meta title and Meta description could be less than more than that numbers. 
  2. It must be in actionable active voice form to make it like an invitation for the visitor. It should not be like a dull description to lose the customer interest.
  3. It must be like a call to the user or operator for taking an action.
  4. Meta title and Meta description must consist of structured content to attract and convince the reader most. For this purpose you can also use rich snippets as well.
  5. It must be compatible with the content of the article. Sites creating the unmatchable titles are penalized by Google as it creates a bad image about them.
  6. The key words used for it must be very focused towards the content and text of the page.
  7. It must also be very unique as if it would be duplicated or copied from somewhere else then it will not be appreciated by the users and readers and ultimately you will be unable to get the desired traffic.

If you don’t have sufficient time to create a separate Meta title and Meta description for each and every single page then just concentrate on the text and content of your page and just create a single description for your important URLs e.g. your home page or any other very popular page. Mostly two types of issues are faced by the website owners while creating titles and descriptions: the first one is that your description is not showing and the second one is that you want to use another description for your social sharing. So must settle down these issues for getting better ranking at WordPress SEO.