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Search Marketing 101: Quick Tips On Helping Your Website Ranking

Search Marketing 101: Quick Tips On Helping Your Website Ranking

March 28, 2018

Website ranking is vital to the success of your business when it comes to garnering more clients and customers to know about your goods and services. With the Internet becoming an essential tool for improving your business visibility and awareness, customers and clients nowadays use Google in order to search for products and services that they will need for their own purposes. When your target market searches up goods and services that you offer, you want to appear on the top search for it garners 34% of the click rate versus landing on the 2nd or 3rd-page results. Though it may take some time and effort to improve your ranking, it will be worth it in the end. Here are the quick tips on how you can improve your website ranking:

1. Produce great content

Updating your list of products and services may take a lot of time, whereas you can produce great content such as blog posts and promotions several times a week. Your content should be relevant enough for your target market to relate to in order to fully establish your business authority and relevance in your chosen industry.

In line with that, you should make use of bold, italics, hyperlinks, numbered points, bullet points, and tags in order to make it easier for your readers to go through your content. A blog post without relevant images and subheadings will only bore them, driving them to abandon your page halfway through the content.

Your content should contain keywords that your target market will most likely search for on Google. If you specialize in customized T-shirt designs, then the obvious keywords are "customized + t-shirt + designs" which you can use for easy navigation so your customers would be led to your desired landing pages. It is also important to repeat these keywords several times all throughout the page in order for the search engine to easily find your content.

2. Create a link-building strategy

When creating relevant content for your website, link-building is what drives traffic all throughout your desired landing pages. In fact, link-building is one of the most important backbones of improving your website's SEO ranking. As mentioned, it will take quite some time in order to prove your authority for Google to improve your ranking.

To drive the audience of a popular website to your own landing pages, you can take the opportunity of submitting guest posts to several websites that allow link-building posts. It is also important to take note that some websites may charge you money, while some may do it freely as long as you provide content that is of great quality and relevant to their site.

However, be careful with using too many backlinks as Google will penalize you for such behavioral pattern.

At the Start you can use auto backlinks maker, to get some quick backlink. Those links can help your website index faster.

3. Remain consistent

There isn't any target market that wants to continue revisiting a website that doesn't have something new to offer to their site visitors.  Just as in social media marketing, consistently producing content will be beneficial for your business for it only shows how much you want to remain in touch with your desired customers. By consistently producing blog posts in a timely and consistent manner, your site visitors will have something to look forward to with every site visit.

4. Utilize Alt tags

If you've been on YouTube long enough, you will notice how their titles, video descriptions, category, and tags all play a huge role in widening the reach of the audience of one single video—the same principle is applied. The significance of alt tags/text/attributes is that it provides a relevant description of your website's contents such as an image file or a video. In cases wherein the image does not properly load, the alt tags/text/attributes shall give context to what the image or video contains to those who cannot see it under different circumstances.

Since search engines do not rely on images because it cannot read or see it, it will have to depend on alt text/tags/attributes to describe the image and present it when a user looks for it in a search query. In this way, it will also improve your site visitations and optimization.

When it comes to optimizing the content of your website, it is best to entrust this to the hands of an SEO Rochester expert who can guarantee that your website will soon be among the highest in ranking. Before long, you’ll surely see the improvement in your site visitations and conversion rates.

Melissa Williams

As a self-learned digital marketing enthusiast, Melissa Williams understands how difficult it can be for newcomers in the industry to make sense of the entire SEO scene. As a writer contributing for sites such as Flower City SEO, she applies her learning to the test as she strives to make informative and entertaining content for audiences just like her who’s in the position of curiosity as to just what is going on in the realm of digital marketing. She likes to write for her own blogs during her free time.