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SEO by Images!

SEO by Images!

March 05, 2016

Little surprised, aren’t you? Yes, you hear me right! This is what I meant. Images are used for SEO purposes or SEO is done by images. Today I am finally here to reveal a secret to all of you guys that you could’ve never even think of. Are you ready? Keep on reading.

It’s absolutely an ordinary thing for all of us to listen about images need to be optimized and place attributes for SEO purposes. Don’t worry, I am just going to dig it deep and you will understand how we do SEO by images.

We put lots of efforts to do SEO. To elaborate this let’s quickly assume a scenario. We search for best and least competitive keywords to write about. Then we write blogpost around this keyword and then try to win backlinks, do pings and more things to rank this particular Blogpost. So we did SEO for. Now let’s reverse everything when we are done. This particular Blogpost for which we did SEO is getting ranked for our site and sending traffic to the site. So, what we did here we did SEO of our site by this very Blogpost and this happened to be a reason of rank achieved. So this is called reverse engineering and we did SEO by Blogpost. Though this is true up to little extent or may be not, in contrast to images in real sense.


Blogpost is dependent on many SEO factors and each one of these has its own proper value and points. Just for instance, we need to use h1 tag, h2 tag, inbound and outbound links, images and or videos and minimum of 300 words blogpost at least and interesting content and more. So, blogpost is a collection of many individual items that reward. In contrast to this, image is a single standalone property that can be taken to anywhere and it has its own identity. Furthermore, Search Engines rank images as a separate entity. The better you optimize image the better your image ranks. Ranking of your image alone can take your whole blogpost to top ten results, which is an amazing discovery. We mostly don’t consider this and most of SEO freaks are still unaware of it. Happy!

Now you must be thinking, what is the rocket science behind, which secret formula of converting Mud to Gold you need and which are the mountains you need to hike to make your image one of those luckiest images that Google care of? Unfortunately I am not generous enough and I’m not going to give this priceless formula without charging you. You have to pay me! So this is a limited time offer. Never mind i was jocking just read this article.