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SEO techniques in 2018: Before you start online business

SEO techniques in 2018: Before you start online business

March 09, 2017

Reading articles related to SEO make you very confused about SEO. This is why 40% of webmasters close their businesses before that make it online. The other 60% of webmaster do that and only 4-5% does their website optimization by their own, others hire some SEO company to do this job for them. Only 7-10% users got the satisfactory results that they want related to SEO score but it is very expensive.

I will guide you about SEO in Three sections

  1. Things to do before you start online business

  2. What to do for On Page SEO

  3. Things to do for Off page SEO

Things to do before you start online business

First thing that every person think before making a business online is the website name. Yes this is one of the major things that you have to decide. There are lots of points that you have to make sure before you register a domain name.

First: Keyword in the Domain

Yes it is very important to have keyword in your domain name because it really helps your website to rank better in the search engines. Also it helps users to easily understand the nature of the website. Some Companies do not use keyword in the domain name because it’s not available. You do not have to worry about this thing, because you can also use any other TLDs, as Google confirmed that it does not affect your ranking in the google. So you can also register  .tech, .education or any other TLD that suites your business better. The keywords you choose must be in the content you write through any paraphrasing tool

Then google again confirmed that other top level domains do not have any influence on the search engines ranking. New TLDs will rank exactly in the same way as .com domains rank.

Second: Your Customers Location:

If you are from india and want to do business in your country then it’s good to register .in domain name, Because it will help you in 2 ways

  • Name that you are searching for will be easier to find as compare to .com TLD

  • Secondly will rank your website higher in india because you are using .in TLD

Also there is a miss understanding that .in or domain will only rank in India and United Kingdom, It is not true. Google will prefer your webpages to rank higher in those countries but it does not mean that your website will not rank in

Third: Your web server:

I might discuss it in the "On Page SEO Section", But I am describing it here because you have to purchase webserver along with your website registration. There is a simple rule for web servers "Good server means Good Ranking". With low quality servers you not only loss trust of your visitors but search engines also dislike it. Spend extra $10 per month and get a good server. Also check that server must not have a spammed ip address, otherwise your customers will fail to activate their accounts because emails will go straight to the spam/junk folders.

Purchasing an existing Domain Name:

If you want to purchase a domain name that is already registered and you want to buy it. Please make sure that domain must not penalized by google search engine. Otherwise your whole effort will go wasted.

In my next article I will guide you about the on-page seo techniques.