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SEO Tips for Web Developers

SEO Tips for Web Developers

July 11, 2016

As we did mention the name of the SEO term then there is no doubt about the fact that web developers are always holding the basic importance in it. For example if in case the development work of the team is dropping down then eventually the white site will going to decrease in terms of its rating from the side of Google. Sometimes it do happen that some of the web developers are not aware of their services and make some mistakes at some point of the work. Keeping this fact in mind we have undergone with this article! Through this article we will be having a detail discussion about some of the important and main tips for web developers to maximize SEO score

Be Careful In Single Page Application:

You should be paying a careful attention in the category of the single page application. This is one of the most important tips which you should keep in mind when you are a web developer. You might not be aware of the fact that infinite amount of the scrolling can lead the site visitor to consume with the greater sum of content in one session. Hence in simple we would say that poor use of the single page application can slow down the traffic on your site. 

Overlook Duplicate Content In Your Site:

Never make the mistake of adding your site with any kind of duplicated or copied content. Most of the web developers do add their site with the duplicate content only because they don't have enough knowledge about the planning category of web development.

Set Up SEO In QA Process

You should set up your SEO with the QA process as well. Putting your SEO with the QA team will be making you aware of the new code that hence can be vetted for the purpose of SEO soundness before they go live. You can even think about preparing with the set of guidelines so that the QA process can be consistent. Some of the basic questions to put are as follows:

  • Do you want to change the overall SEO URL structure of the content?
  • Do you want to bring any changes in the content that is being rendered?

You Should Own Technical SEO:

You should have your own technical SEO portion. This technical portion of SEO will be performing all your tasks apart from the content creation of the site. It should be just owned by the developers because of the reason that it do demand for some knowledge of programming and the site’s infrastructure.

Never Cheat Google:

If you have been thinking about cheating Google then you should stop with such plans right now. Most of the times it do happen that programmers get the feeling that they do have some tricks of cheating Google. But you are not aware of the fact that Google do hire with some of the world’s smartest people in order to secure their algorithm. As you will start cheating them they would eventually return you back with the favor of banning your site.

Never Throw Strange Code At Work But On Google:

You can think about giving the Google with some strange sort of code but make sure that you do not do this in case of your work. You should be choosing just the Google to throw the codes over it so that you can learn at the best that how they would be reacting.

Well these have been some of the main and important tips which you should keep in mind while acting upon as being the SEO web developers. Follow up with these guidelines right now! All the Best!