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SEO Tips For WordPress Website

SEO Tips For WordPress Website

November 03, 2017

Creating a WordPress website is very easy, but to optimize that created website with a great SEO is not. No one would like to disagree with me, if I would say, WordPress is the best content management platform for the bloggers, no other platform provides that level of freedom and quickness what you found in here. So, in this tutorial, we are going to shed light on the topic, how one can make a simple WordPress website to an excellent and ranked website. You should take care of few things which I am going to mention in this, by following these tips, you would get great ranking on Search engines.

SEO Tips for a WordPress website:

These are some useful tips, read these lines carefully and follow each and every step, hope you would get what you are searching for A New WordPress website

When you start a new WordPress blog, you change every corner of the website, and if you allow search engines to index your website, search engines will index the website, which is not yet ready to be indexed. So, it would be helpful, if you disallow the search engines or bots to crawl through your website.

There is an already option in WordPress by using which, you would be able to tell the search engine, that your website is not ready to index, after setting up the website, installing plugins, widgets, uncheck the option and  Discourage search engines from indexing this website.

Permalink structure

Right after creating or developing your WordPress website, the must do a thing, change the permalink structure. You will see a permalink setting in the setting tab, with > permalinks.

The default setting would be like that? P= but the best setting to optimize your website with SEO is /category/post-name/ or /post-name

The default structure, remove your keyword from the URL which is very bad for your SEO, the recommended setting is mentioned, must do before launching your website.

If you already had this setting and published articles with this setting, now changing the permalink will harm your keyword ranking, so before changing it, use any tool to redirect that permalink to the new permalink.

Speed up website with Cache plugin

HTML and blogger website index faster than a WordPress website, so fill up that gap, you should use a cache plugin to make your website faster.

These cache plugin will reduce the load time of your content and lowers the load on the server.

There are dozens of the cache plugin available in the market, but the best in all is W3 Total cache, you should download this plugin install it on your WordPress website and activate it.

The reason behind installing a cache plugin it to decrease the load time of your website which is considered as a good factor in optimizing a website for SEO

Create a Sitemap XML Format:

Must create an XML sitemap of your website, this map would take all of the hierarchy of your website and will become easier for the users to find a product or topic on your website.

The XML sitemap will increase indexing of the pages, and surely going to add some flavors in the ranking of your website.

You can use Google XML Sitemap plugin to create the sitemap and submit that to Google Webmaster tools.

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Use short permalinks:

According to the Google Matt Cutts, the only first four words of your permalink are relevant and followed; other words do not have any concern for the Search engines.

So, always use short, concise and targeted permalinks which can give the entire understanding of your post or article.

Long and filthy permalink is not loved by Google, and Google crawler mostly cut those filthy addresses.

So, it would be recommending only put your main keyword in Permalink, which is also described by the backlinko.

Title and description

Proper titles and description is the soul of on page SEO, and most of the traffic you got, the major reason would be on page SEO. Though Off-page SEO got importance, first, you should properly optimize your content with all the equipment which are required.

And most important factor in ranking your website is Title, proper titles, with perfect length, and placing your Keyword would be icing on the cake.

You know when Google crawlers search a topic on Google database, the first thing which is countered, Titles. If you have not properly placed your main Keyword in title, you would not be able to rank for that Keyword.

Place your Main keyword in the beginning of the title, and the proper density should be in the body of the post.

Though the importance of description is not like Titles, a minor factor can change the entire circumstance in this field of SEO, you should use proper description.

Like if you had published a post without a proper description, the Google will put either the first sentence of your article or will search for the keyword and put it in the Meta description from your article.

The first paragraph might be the introductory words or some greeting, so it would not be a smarter move to not put Meta description in your post.

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 Inter Linking posts

Interlinking your posts have been and will be a greater tool to rank your website higher on Searches, but, should interlink the related post.

You should try to interlink your most important posts within some posts, the anchor text of those interlinking should be manual, same anchor text may create problems for you, and search engines would consider it a spam which is interlinking again and again.

Linking to your older posts in new posts will create greater benefits for your older posts. So, do it often, interlink with your posts, and also try to put the homepage address in your posts.

Optimize images

Images are a greater tool if you want to index your post on Google faster. The best thing, which I recommend most, try to put a YouTube video on your Post, a greater factor to boost your ranking and indexing along with images, and do not forget to put an Alt tag on your images, without of proper alt tags and description, your images are a waste.

Do not put the header images on your WordPress sites; it will increase the page load speed. If you do not have any option, you can use some plugin to reduce the image size like Smushit and other.

Final words

These were some tips to enhance your experience to optimize your WordPress website for SEO, hope you would like this effort.

SEO has been evolved and will be evolving, which is great, if you give importance to the users, instead of search engines, the search engines are going to take care of you, and next to Google update will not harm your ranking, last and the least, SEO is all about user experience.