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SEO vs. PPC which one you choose in 2018?

SEO vs. PPC which one you choose in 2018?

May 30, 2018

So what is better for your business? Is it SEO or is it PPC? Are you willing to expand your business online to do promotion of your brand? Do you want to come to the top of the search engines? If answer to any of these above questions is YES then you do need SEO or PPC for your business promotion. Now what to choose SEO or PPC?

To answer this question we need to do complete analysis of performance of SEO and PPC. To get better results we need to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of both techniques. The answer to this usually depends on the type of your website and objectives related to that website promotion. This is also related to the current marketing trend.

Performance Analysis of SEO and PPC

To determine which technique is working better for your website, you need to track the performance of your website. The best tool for this is Google Analytics. It an excellent and free tool available online. Once you have set Google Analytics for tracking the performance of your website, the next thing you need to make sure is that you are tracking correctly or not? Now you are in a position to realize which one is better whether it is Search Engine Optimization of Pay Per Click and for this, you need to understand the difference between the techniques.

Difference: Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization

This is a technique for getting higher ranks for your website in search engines. There are a total of 200 factors, which are present in the algorithms of different search engines. Search Engine optimization technique’s main purpose is to satisfy those factors in order to get successful results. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term technique. It requires time to get proper results. It requires the use of proper keywords, blogs, social media marketing and high-quality content.

Pay Per Click

It is a form of advertising. You will have to pay for each on your website. It depends upon the budget you have for this. As long as you are paying, the traffic will be increased and when you stop paying, the traffic will no further increase. In this, you have to bid for your advertisement, the advertisement will be shown to the audience when they search a keyword, which is related to your brand or company. This type of advertisement is done on social media sites like Facebook. It is an immediate way to access the traffic.

Following are the differences between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click with respect to different things.

Traffic Analysis

Table 1 Traffic Analysis of SEO and PPC


Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click

Performance Result Speed



Execution of Technique

High level of difficulty

Easy to implement

Capability to target audiences



Marketing Strategy

Compound effect

One time benefit per pay

Capability to attract traffic


Depends on your money


From the Table No. 1, we came to analyze that it is difficult to implement search engine optimization technique and on the other hand, it is easy to implement Pay Per Click technique but the point whether SEO is difficult to implement but its benefits are long-lasting. On the other hand, in the case of Pay Per Click its benefits are only depends upon the amount of money you spend. Search Engine Optimization have the capability to attract more audience and for long time as compare to Pay Per Click. From this scenario, it is clear that one should go for the Search Engine Optimization technique. It is better to apply Pay Per Click in the beginning for a hit but then one should ultimately turn towards Search Engine Optimization.

Price Comparison

Table 2 Price Comparison between SEO and PPC


Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click

Charges / Click

0.500 dollars

1.580 dollars

Charges / Conversion

4.880 dollars

44.50 dollars


From Table No.2 we can analyze that Pay Per Click is expensive as compare to the Search Engine Optimization. There is a huge difference of cost for per click in SEO and PPC (1.580 dollars – 0.500 dollars = 1.080 dollars). You can save 1.08 dollars in case of Search Engine Optimization. It looks like a small amount but on larger scale, which you actually need for your website; this small amount will helps you a lot if you save it. On the other hand, when it comes to the conversion charges the again the Search Engine Optimization wins with respect to the cost. Here you are able to save straightly 39.620 dollars.

Advantages of Pay Per Click over Search Engine Optimization

If your Pay Per Click technique is set according to the requirements of your website then within a short amount of time, you will see huge amount of traffic to increase instantly. It can fit the advertisement of your website on websites, which usually have higher traffic on them, and users usually trust those websites. The user will ultimately click on your ads.


The conclusion for which technique is better is drawn based on some constraints, which are as follows. It includes the budget of a website owner, requirement for results, time you required to get the result; you need short-term results or long-term results or both? For this consider the below table.

Table 3 Comparison between SEO and PPC According to Website Requirements

Website Requirements

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Short-term results for traffic

Long-Term results for traffic

Low cost

Complexity of implementation

High Speed of Traffic instantly


From the above table No. 3, the conclusion is drawn that if your website needs short-term results then you should go for the pay per click technique. On the other hand, if your website needs long-term results for traffic which is usually required then you should go for Search Engine Optimization technique. On the other hand if you cannot wait for the SEO to work, then you should first apply PPC on your website to gain links and promotion, meanwhile, you should do work on SEO. Once the work on SEO is done, you can omit PPC.