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Should we buy paid backlinks?

Should we buy paid backlinks?

March 03, 2016

There is not a second thought or ideology about the importance of backlinks as far as off-page SEO is concerned. Every single SEO professional knows it, favors it and utilizes it. No matter how old or new you are in this profession, backlinks are one of the most relied upon techniques used by all. In fact backlinks play multiple roles. These not only help in achieving a superlative rank but a comprehensive source of organic traffic as well. How important is organic traffic for any entrepreneur is quite evident. Backlinks having such a huge importance compel most of the SEO strategies revolve around these. Plenty of time is spent to figure out how to get superior, qualitative and massive amount of backlinks in a quickest and cheapest way.

This is the sole reason some people dwell on or even buy backlinks. Is it a good or bad practice and how this can impact websites?

There are two straightforward things you should always keep in mind:

  1. Google is explicitly against buying backlinks that pass rankings. So, buying such backlinks can hurt standing of your website.
  2. Google favors some of backlinks you buy like from yahoo directory. This heavily increases your repute of having a sound business in the eyes of Search Engines.

So, what are those backlinks within point 1? Google don’t want you buy a link that can play role in improving your rankings. As all the backlinks from a site are due on webmaster’s own discretion and describe that webmaster enjoyed your website content as much as he couldn’t halt himself referring this content of yours on his own website. In contrast if you buy backlink, you are cheating Google or other Search Engines because your content was not as good to be back-linked but you bribed to do this. This finding seems quite fair to keep the internet cleaner and just.

In the continuation of what are those backlinks actually Google allows or even favors. In point 2 Google favors to buy Backlinks which are no-follow and mainly for advertisement purposes of your website like ads. So, you can buy such kind of ads liberally even we can purchase ads from Google as well. Such ads don’t augment rankings and have no connection with SEO directly. Though such backlinks eventually consequence in sales, advertisement and customer reach. So bear in mind these two distinct issues and you are simply right on the go without facing any glitches.