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Social Media Really Have an Impact on Customer’s Mind; How to Increase Leads with It

Social Media Really Have an Impact on Customer’s Mind; How to Increase Leads with It

November 02, 2018

Now is the best time to work on social media strategy to engage more customers. Social media is officially taking over the internet. It is not about other methods of communication and connecting anymore. Whether you want to play chess, share photos, talk live, leave a message or share some love, social media has got it covered. If there is a case of emergency, Twitter has the news covered in seconds. You want to reach out to a famous personality, Twitter is again the way to do it. Again, there is the love shared by celebrities on Instagram. Being an Instagram celebrity is a thing today. YouTube is huge. Snapchat is on everyone’s phone. Facebook, as always, is the king of all social media platforms. You can use a social media counter tool to evaluate the performance of your business.

Initial Considerations

One of the first few things before you generate a social media strategy for your own platform is to understand how all social media platforms are different. It definitely depends on the product at hand, but you must strategize in a way that best fits the use of that particular social media. So if it is something political, I will begin with Twitter. Modern social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all use hash tags. But they work differently for all social media platforms. Every social media plan includes writing of great content, and you have to be at your best while writing. Must use plagiarism checker tool to remove any kind of copied work. Here are the most important steps to keep in mind while developing a social media strategy.

  • Audit Your Existing Social Presence on web
  • Verify your ideal customer
  • Create a social media mission statement
  • Identify your success matrix
  • Act as a team that have ambitions to do well

Hash tags are not the most useful features on Facebook. However, on Twitter, hash tags tell you what is trending all over the country and more. Instagram helps you find content similar to that hash tag. Note that the number of hash tags used per post on different social media is different too. You must incorporate all this information because you go on launching your product on any social media.

Brainstorming when selecting a strategy

There is no absolute answer to this question. Some strategies work better for one product than another. Some platforms work better with some products than other. This is why strategizing for your product customarily is the key to advanced social media strategy. A good social media plan works as a backlink generator tool. So, be realistic in your approach.

Invest In  in Facebook


Now you can do this for other social media platforms too but Facebook is the best place to begin. Facebook has a large audience and it is not easy for a brand to reach every single person organically. Therefore, it is a common practice the boost your posts on Facebook. Since this practice is common, this is not taken as attention seeking as a business on Facebook. The audience might take it different on other social media platforms. Facebook charges 1- 8 dollars for a basic reach campaign for 7 days. This is a pretty good deal. Putting some investment will let you be known to your audience. You can customize and select from Facebook’s huge audience that which people you want to be showing your advertisement too. Below are some of the most important benefits that a business can gain from Facebook.

How to be more productive\

For someone to be interested in your Yoga mat, you can choose people who view yoga content on Facebook. If you want to sell books, search for people who read books. If you own a cinema, look for people who are interested in movies. Do you want to launch a song? Find people who listen to the same genre. It is so easy and readily available. And does not cost you a lot.

Video content is the next big thing


As technology is evolving, people are losing their attention. The attention spans of people today are so short and limited. This is one of the factors behind Facebook’s Instant Articles. Very few people today read for leisure. Otherwise, it is limited to simply gaining information. This information, when provided, precisely and quickly, makes the most impact. After that comes the use of images to add more colors to the blog post. But today, sharing a piece of information about health on a video is so much attention grabbing than sharing the same information in a blog post. People do that. It is easy to watch and listen than to read. It requires less effort of you, and this can eventually help to increase your SEO Score. This is the same reason why you have Facebook monetizing the video content on social media. If you have a video on Facebook with a lot of views, you can generate revenue through showing advertisements from in between the videos.

Perfect Logo and Designing

It may cost a fortune to hire a team of graphics designers who will create a logo for a big brand. However, that is not how big brands create logos. They start with small designs, just like you. Then they turn those arbitrary designs into brands. The tables flip when you actually have people associating a certain logo with an emotion or brand. To create a brand image on Facebook, you have to design a logo/image that will go on the display of your page. You can check the quality of your image by logging in to reverse image search tool.

They should not need to read on to find more about the business but rather the colors should speak for themselves. It does not occur in a single day. It happens over longer periods of times when people start to associate your product with emotions and memories. Below are the major factors that you must have to keep in mind while logo or image designing.

Business Branding


Improving your business brand is not an easy task. Branding on social media is so viatl and important. It is easy because you just need to use graphics and particular formats for your social media platform. There are no huge billboards or crazy advertisements. And it is important that you do that for your business in this time and age because the competition of businesses on social media is today more than ever. It has never been like this before. You must fight and stand out of the other businesses. The crowd must recognize you.