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Start using a readability checker or otherwise it will be too late

Start using a readability checker or otherwise it will be too late

September 11, 2018

Who doesn’t like to write compelling content? Don’t you want that your words have the penetrating power? Well, everybody wants their words to positively affect the reader and grasp them. The reason behind is that people who have the ability to write crisp content, clear sentences and informative articles are always the ones who are followed and liked for their writing skills.

However, to be there on top, you need to grind hard and spend years to work your way up to the place where you need no recognition as a writer. While writing content, there are a number of features, aspects and things to note. These things are extremely important and cannot be taken for granted as at the end of the day the readers are the ones who are going to be served and if they don’t like it then all your hard work is of no use.

One cool tool for writing better than what you were doing before is the readability checker. It is incorporated in the MS Word and a number of other websites also have this feature. If you haven’t got a hold of it up till now then I’m afraid that you are lacking in a vivid style of writing. This tool helps you in every technical aspect of related to writing and gives a clearly portrays how can you improve your writing to make it more striking.

Let’s tell you what readability is!

Readability is actually based on how easy the content is when read. Up till now, more than 200 different formulas have been curated for the measurement of readability. Readability shouldn’t be taken as a complicated thing that takes a lot from the writer while they are curating content. The simple formula to stay on top of your game is to ‘stay simple’ or ‘simple is beautiful’.

You as a writer don’t need to do something extraordinary for high readability, all you need to do is to care for your readers. Put yourself in place of the readers and thing whether my content will be liked on not, have I served them well, have I curated content for them to easily understand, is the content inspiring, has it got the ability to inform them or solve a problem of theirs.

These are the question the writers have to ask themselves. If still there is a need to ensure about the readability and simplicity of the content, a reliable readability checker can be used for this purpose. Take the example of Einstein, the genius scientist expressed his ideas about the theory of relativity using simple terms and that too while taking a breath on a railway station and when other trains were passing by.

When diving into this aspect, you will experience a number of formulas and ways to increase the readability of your content. However, all the theories and formulas have some things in common. One of the most important of them all is that the longer words or more difficult terminology will result in longer and difficult sentences. This will make the paragraphs longer and eventually will make the content harder to read.

The foremost formula or a simple solution for making your piece of writing as more readable is to make use of shorter and simpler words, this will result in shorter and understandable sentences. Hence resulting in shorter paragraphs. Isn’t it simple? Yeah ‘simple is beautiful’; you used this formula and it turned out to be like this.

A simple way to enhance readability

As explained above, enhancing the readability of your content isn’t a difficult task and writers should not be overwhelmed by the usage of fancy and technical terms. You will be amazed by the fact that you can enhance the readability of your overall text by the usage of three keys on the keyboard.

Remove longer words

To break longer sentences into two or more use the comma (,) or preferably full stop and write a new sentence.

Use the enter button to break big lengthy slabs of text into two or shorter paragraphs.

Now if you want to check the detailed report of it and want to be assured, you need to use any readable checker available on easily online.

To check the readability, and level of copied content copy your texts and paste it in the allocated box on a site and click on the button below it. In a matter of a few seconds, the site will come up with a number of would-be solutions and what’s wrong with the content. From there on you can improve your writing and make it more eye-catching, striking, readable and good to skim.

Closing words

Remember, readability is your key to success as a writer. If a writer isn’t able to make the readers understand a thing then the readers won’t bother to read their content. Why should they when they have a number of other options to grasp information or to solve a problem of theirs? As a writer you need to be in the reader's shoes as well, just to judge whether you have made it worth reading or not.Any writer who doesn’t heed to readability won’t be successful even if they have come up with a researched and well thought out content.