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Starter Guide- Google's Authentic Recommendations to Improve Web Presence

Starter Guide- Google's Authentic Recommendations to Improve Web Presence

September 13, 2018

Every business now wants to have its significant web presence in order to perfectly optimize its brand to the entire world. That can only be possible when you can have your own platform on which you can list your products on regular basis.  Website development is the only solution for you to create more user’s attraction through a platform which is widely accessed by the billions of online internet users around the globe.  Only to develop a website is not enough to gain online success, you also have to make sure that you have the perfect mix of online marketing recipe to increase the online presence of your business’s website on search engine results. The process of website optimization might be slow, but you have to be really consistent in your approach to avail desired results. Get valuable insights from to establish high rating of all of your keywords in search engines.

“Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines, unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.” – Sergey Brin

The Work Start With Indexing

It’s not that easy to just develop a website, and then rank it to the top search results of the search engine.  First, you have to make it sure that your web pages are effectively indexed into google. If any page is not properly indexed, then you have to use Google search console panel to ask google that it fetches your data. The following might be the major reasons that Google declined to fetch any page indexing.

•    The website is still connected to other sites/ web pages available on the web.

•    Your site is so new, and Google hasn’t had the right time to crawl it.

•    Your site is showing errors when Google starts it’s crawling.

•    Website’s design is so complicated that Google is facing problem to crawl it.

Need for an Expert to Handle Your SEO

If your site is new to the online world, and it doesn’t have a significant presence on any of the available search engine platform, then you must have to consider the hiring of an SEO expert that have years of technical as well as practical experience. SEO analysis is a mandatory part of your initial strategy to evaluate the quality of your website. At this point of time, you have to make a decision about either you have enough capability to manage all SEO tasks related to your site or either it’s essential to must hire a new workforce to achieve that goal. Google recommends that it’s better to hire a search engine marketing agency instead of performing the in-house SEO work at the initial stages. An online marketing agency must have to provide these following important tasks for your website growth.

•Revision of your website work and structure on regular basis.

•Provide technical advice to the development staff about site hosting, page errors, and redirects.

•Keyword analysis to build a unique and result oriented strategy.

•Manage content development procedures, campaigns, and training activities for junior staff.

Submit a Sitemap

The first step to make sure that your site is indexed in search engines can be done by submitting a sitemap to Google within the few days of development. A sitemap is defined as the single file that tells search engines about new changes/ pages inclusion of your site.  With a sitemap, you can conveniently provide the information of any type of content to Google. It might also include image or texts.

•    A sitemap video entry delivers the info about any video running time, its appropriate category.

•    Any entry of image sitemap includes image subject matter, sort, and an actual license.

At this time you also have to ask a question from yourself. (Do I really need a sitemap?).  If your site’s pages are properly linked, and Google has almost fetch every page of your website, then you can think of not making any submission of a sitemap.  Only submit your site, when you site have following credentials.

•    Your site is really large in terms of pages, and sometimes Google is not automatically crawling it.

•    There are so many archives of content pages available on internet related to your website, but these are isolated and not effectively linked to your pages.

•    Your site has so many external and Google bot is not automatically following it.

Create Unique, Precise Page Titles

You will get more value to your SEO efforts if at the initial stages of your web development you only post that content on your website, which includes the perfect keywords in content. It must be related to the products and services you sell online. Page title must be unique and well written, and these must include the required characters as per the Google directions.

•    Don’t use the words in the title that have no relation to the products and services you sell online.

•    The title must be well written in an acceptable format.

•    Don’t use the same titles for various pages of your site.

•    The inclusion of lengthy keywords will not be beneficial for long-term SEO practice.

Web Content Best Practices

While writing a comprehensive web content for your website, make sure to craft your work in accordance to the nature of your products. Keep in mind the customer's attractions, and the keywords included in data to provide full value to your readers. Meta tags should be written well, and well optimized through an SEO gadget. Do compare text files to avoid any misrepresentation in the content you post. The more precise your web content will be, the better you can achieve SEO objectives in near future.

Consolidate Website Hierarchy

Yes, at the initial stages you don’t have to bother about the organization of your website’s hierarchy.  It will become essential when you start adding numerous pages on daily basis.  Organize the process in a way that navigation becomes simple as online viewers don’t have to face any problem to go from general content to specific insights available on various pages. Simpler websites always get more user’s attraction and daily turnover.    

Accurate Optimization

Google wants you to must accurately optimize your written data with regular intervals so as to get the favorable online results. Addition of blogs, product pages and social media insights sharing work on your website can enrich your keyword positions on the search engines. You have to know that what your user’s wants from your side, and how you can adjust various keywords in your writings. Google keyword planner could be helpful in evaluating the topmost keywords related to your business niche.

•    Write an optimize content that is easy to follow, and is available in well-written form.

•    Don’t do messy mistakes e.g. poorly written work, copied texts, and invalid content.

•    Refresh your work, and upload it consistently.

•    Excessive filling of keywords in your web writing will be harmful. Just avoid it.

Make Your Site Well Responsive

The world of IT is changing at a rapid speed. Smartphone has now become the necessity of every human being on earth. More than half of the online internet users make an online transaction through a smartphone. If a website is not responsive to available platforms and smartphone devices, then it will have to bear a substantial amount of loss in terms of online user’s appreciation. It is recommended to must test the responsiveness of a newly developed website by hiring the services of an independent testing firm. A site’s responsiveness must have to be tested out most recent and developed mediums including smartphones, tablets, multimedia devices, laptops, desktops and other custom designed featured devices. It’s a key factor that you can’t even think to undermine while preparing a strategy to grow your business online.