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Techniques To Get Quality Backlinks In 2018

Techniques To Get Quality Backlinks In 2018

February 05, 2018

Here we will discuss techniques how to get a backlink from other websites.
Whenever we talk about SEO, there are two things in SEO, One is On-Page and second is Of-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO refers to all actions that you perform to get high ranking in search engine result pages. And Of-Page SEO is about social signals and backlinks. Backlinks play most important role in website ranking.

The Only way to get high rank in Google is to get high quality backlinks.
Here are some most effective techniques to reach a new audience and get backlinks.

5 Tips are below to get a backlink for your website.

1- is one of the most trustworthy source where you can buy backlinks. It will help you to build a wide backlink portfolio and expand your social media network. BHL combine several link building techniques with Social Signals to increase your ranking in a safe and stable way.  It will help you to build relations and it will expand your social network. Interesting thing is that Google also accepts guest posting on their analytical blog. Unlike article publishing, Guest blogging is more effective and contain a high value in sense of authority. Nowadays it is a popular technique to get external links for your website.

2- Article Submission


Article Submission is one another way to get a backlink for the website. This method is working but you have to remember that only publish an article on relevant websites. Before article submission, make sure you are posting an article on quality blog or website. Otherwise, it can be harmful for website ranking. To Check Quality of a website you can calculate its domain and page authority by using MOZ matrics. Check out prepostseo authority checker tool, to check website authority.

3- Write Testimonial


Great and easy method to get a backlink for the website is, write testimonials. It will take only one minute and help you to earn valuable backlink from others website. If you are using any service or product must go to their page and write you will their product. It will help to earn backlink for you. Never copy paste testimonials, because it might give you backlinks from websites, but your content will be plagiarized.

4- Social Bookmarking and Networking

Most of the social networking sites have high Page Rank. Social bookmarking and Networking is very popular nowadays. Promote your post in social groups as well as on your social profile. Using these networks you can make very high quality backlinks from there. It will also help to drive great traffic to your website.

5- Submission in Directories


Submit blog in blog and website directories in a relevant niche. But first, check the quality of these directories. Even though traffic which comes from these directories will be low but it is plus point if you submit your blog here. It is easy to implement and cost effective. Dmoz is a most popular human edited directory. Submit your blog to human edited directory these have more value than non-human edited.

Wrap Up.

Creating high quality backlinks for the website is time taking and to do this we need a lot of effort. But backlinks plays important role in search ranking and help to calculate ranking in SERPs.