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The Basics of Local SEO; How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search Results

The Basics of Local SEO; How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search Results

October 09, 2018

Local SEO has become an essential part of every business and brand that wants long-term success in local area searches. Local SEO focus on the search results that are very close to the area where the search is being performed.  Over the last few years, local SEO grow significantly, and that happens because of the consistent use of smartphones. It’s essential for online businesses to have a local search SEO plan to become at the top of local searches. Now more than 80% of the smartphone searches are relevant to the local results. Local SEO is all about optimizing a site that ranks better for the local audience.

“It is essential that marketers dig deeper into local search and social data to understand how they all work to impact ranking”. Jim Yu

Google My Business Listing


Millions of customers perform local searches every day to find the best relevant nearby business around their area. Most of them use Google as their default search tool. So, it’s recommended by Google to must submit your business information in Google My Business account. It’s a kind of free listing mechanism to attract new customers performing lots of local SEO searches on daily basis. To enlist your business you have to provide the following credentials of your business.

•    Add accurate photos of your business

•    Post the actual hours of your business’s operation

•    Submit a phone number

•    Showcase customer reviews to tell the world about your products

Local Reviews and Ratings


To boost local SEO results, positive user’s reviews and ratings play a vital role. Honest and trustworthy reviews are valuable both for showing the quality of your products and for sending a message to search engines that your site and service is highly trusted by local users. Increase in customer satisfaction is helpful in getting more positive reviews. Webmasters need to manage their website’s reviews on daily basis, and also make sure the quality of customer relationship to have a long-lasting connection. Positive reviews helps to improve website score.

“When our customers go on to Google and leave a good review and share their experiences and their favorite’s slices and suggest that to customers, we know that makes an impact." - Darcy Schein

Website Localization


At the start of website development, it will be good for you to decide about your business niche, its demographics and at what extent it will attract local customers.  If you will deal locally, then it’s better for you to implement localization SEO plan from the start. Localization a site means adding a business name, products type, city, and location in most of the pages that your site have. The quality of the written content for local SEO must be unique. Use Plagiarism checker tool to verify it. Also, add local press releases to address the local community about your new products or services coming to market.

Timely Target Your Audience


Timing is everything when it comes to optimization of local SEO keywords. Do your research about the upcoming events/ cultural occasions coming on the way, and then do the local SEO to attract most of the users who search your business related products during the specific event in the city. Here are some interesting facts about local searches that can help you to understand the behavior of users regarding local searches.


•    47% of the Google Searches are local.

•    65% of local customers use web directories/ Google business to find local business

•    88% of the mobile searches are purely local.

•    51% of the local mobile searchers looking for a business info like an address.

•    77% of the local searches results in a phone call.