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Top 5 Common SEO Mistakes Done by Content Marketers

Top 5 Common SEO Mistakes Done by Content Marketers

July 01, 2016

Until and unless you would not be fulfilling with the SEO efforts in the content marketing world you would not be able to get the best outcomes from it. Sometimes you don't get the excellent results for the reason that you do make some mistakes in your content marketing SEO. Mistakes are countless but there are some mistakes that are quite common made by the SEO content market experts. Do you want to know about those common mistakes?

5 Common SEO Mistakes Done by Content Marketers

Mistake No 1: No Systematic Outreach:

If your content is perfect then it is quite evident that you would be uploading it with so many backlinks. In today's world it is vitally important that you should be promoting your content in the middle of the correct audience. One of the best ways through which you can come up with the great content among the readers is by grabbing their attention first. Create a buzz in them. You should get in touch with the audience all the way through the direct link of the Email.  You can get even much more ideas if you would be giving a look inside the social media users pages. You never think about what you can offer to your users. You should always keep in mind that what you are offering to your users and hence in this way it would be keeping you different from others.

Mistake No 2: Use of Wrong Words:

Next we have the mistake in which we most often do make the use of wrong words. This is one of the biggest mistake which you do make in your content marketing business. You should never be using the keywords that are not matching suitably according to your content. This will going to make your whole content and so as the site unimpressive looking. You can make the use of various keyword tools to get the best assistance. Some of the keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool and KeywordSpy will be helping you a lot to get in communication with the audience in the best way. One should also check grammar for content.

Mistake No 3: Breaking the Site Source:

After development of your site, make sure its Google submission. There would be no single person who would favor to break the site in the means of the content marketing. But still you would be finding so many people who do lose the value of their pages just by giving it with some wrong redirecting pages. You should be sure with the fact that you are 301 redirecting instead of the 302 redirect counterpart. You work so hard for the links and shares so make sure that you don't waste them at all. 


Mistake No 4: Fewer gathering of “intel”:

On the net we will be mentioning about the Metrics! Through the use of metrics you would be able to learn that what can you work on your content, what you should avoid and how can you expand it! You should first and foremost start by the measurement of the baseline. You should know that how many Facebook fans do you have along with Twitter and Instagram fans too. You should know that what is your current domain authority? This is the moment from where you can get your goals to the success heights. You can make the use of some handy tools such as Buffer for Social that can help you in brilliant way for tracking the keywords.

Mistake No 5: Getting into SEO Myths:

On the last we would highlight about the getting into the SEO myths! This is one of the biggest mistakes. Move into reality world. If you do think that they are not giving any harm to your site then you are 100% wrong! This will be making the SEO as one time activity that is much harmful. This is one of the main mistakes to avoid in SEO content marketing.