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TOP 5 Word Press SEO Plugins

December 15, 2018

WordPress offers built-in website building features as well as SEO plugins. It's pretty easy to set up a website with it and offers a lot of plugins to meet your needs. Although some developers prefer to build their own functions, there are some nice options as well. And especially with regards to SEO.

Search engine optimization or SEO is an integral part when working with WordPress. SEO carries a number of factors, including keywords, competitors, analytics and much more. There are many SEO plugins, which are top classified and offer a variety of useful features. Have you taken precise measures to ensure that your WordPress site is optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing? If not, things are never too late to change. And even if you’ve already laid down the groundwork to make your WordPress site search engine-friendly, there are several other SEO strategies you can implement to improve your rankings.

How SEO-Friendly Is WordPress?

The good news is that WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems (CMS) in the world.

Making of content: it's a joy to add regular content to a WordPress blog. Higher the quality of your content, the better it will be for SEO.

Official SEO-friendly features: SEO features of WordPress include custom permalinks, a clean website structure (e.g., adding content to parent categories), and image optimization (e.g., alt attributes) among others.

Clean code: WordPress 5-star themes/templates generally come with clean and SEO-friendly code from a WordPress developer.

Apart from these standard features, you can also choose from a variety of WordPress SEO plugins, some of which can be all you need to turn a WordPress site into an SEO powerhouse.

Start with these 5 great SEO plugins to optimize your WordPress site

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is an interesting feature of the original WordPress SEO plugin. It is easy to install and configure, making it the ideal choice for SEO beginners, but also for developers with more advanced features. It is available free of charge from WordPress.org and the pro version is available for $ 57 for personal version, $ 97 for the business version and $ 419 for the agency version. Unlimited downloads, advanced support, video screencasts and SEO for different categories and tags are included in the pro version.

It comes with a lot of SEO-friendly features:

XML Sitemap support Canonical URL support Support for custom post types Automatic or manual meta information Easy Google Analytics integration Free WooCommerce integration


SEO Keyword Hound

The SEO Hound Keyword Tool is a unique SEO plugin, as it displays keyword stats of many pages side by side. It, therefore, suggests which keywords you should use. This keyword SEO plugin is free but also available for $ 59 on one website, $ 119 on up to five websites, with additional options for consultation and installation. The plugin even comes with a free 80-minute video course, so that users can make the most of the experience. The SEO Hound also matches your page metrics with your keyword optimization efforts, so you can easily determine which keywords work and which ones do not. In addition, MOZ integration, extensive note-taking features, extensive documentation and more are available.

Following are the features that makes it in our favorite list:

Target Specific Search Queries Find Your Biggest Competitors Create a Keyword List Find Your Competitor’s Keywords Track Optimization Success

Yoast SEO Plugin

Any discussion about SEO plugins might start with the crowd favorite — Yoast SEO. With thousands of 5-star reviews, Yoast is often referred to as the ultimate SEO plugin because of its compelling features. It gives you plenty of flexibility about the content of your site, allowing you to set up titles, and meta descriptions per post. It gives you a simple way to set up a sitemap, adds some basic schema and is friendly for beginners. It is so focused on being friendly with beginners that it hides most of the good things behind an Advanced menu that you have to turn on to see manually.

Yoast offers following features:

XML sitemaps Internal linking suggestions Focus keyword reports Redirect manager Content and page analysis tool

SEOPressor Connect

It takes the most critical SEO data from your website and presents it in an intuitive dashboard, giving you an insight into the search engine visibility of your WordPress site. The real claim to fame of the plugin, however, is how it managed to keep pace with the evolution of Google, focusing on contextual content instead of keyword focusing.For a subscription of $ 9 per month, you have access to the key features of SEOPressor, including:

Automatic internal linking Dynamic control of spider/crawler XML Sitemap generator Score for readability Checking over-optimization (e.g., Irrelevant keywords, overstuffing)

Broken Link Checker

This complete SEO plugin may not be the easiest tool in this list, but it is worth to use if you want to develop a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization. It also comes with a return guarantee of 60 days if you are not satisfied with the results. If there is one thing that all SEO pros know, the more content you create and share, the harder it is to manage your WordPress blog, especially when it comes to broken backlinks. As the name suggests, it is a free WordPress SEO plugin that removes broken links from your site and allows you to repair or disown these links without affecting your content.

Include key  features:

Automatic monitoring of connections to posts, comments, and blogs Link detection, redirecting and missing images Search and filter for URLs and text anchor Repair links that are broken in a dashboard instead of going to every post Email and dashboard notifications

Broken Link Checker is a useful WordPress plugin if you just want a simple tool to do one thing.



There is a wide range of SEO plugins available, but the key is to find the best plugin for your products, business or services. All SEO plugins listed in our blog are free, affordable, highly rated and have excellent user-friendly features and a wide range of full support options. As you give a closer look to the WordPress plugins featured in this list, you’ll realize how useful is having a tool that automatically checks stats for your SEO-friendly site. Now, what is your first choice when it comes to SEO plugins for WordPress?