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How Can You Track And Claim Copyright For Your Photos

Apr 13, 2018

Copyright is basically a ‘’right’’. The right has been provided legally to the owner of a specific work or business. Copyrights make sure that the owner knows all about who uses their work. And it is the right of the owner to call the work their ‘’own’’ and know all about how it is distributed. Fair use is one of the main point of copyrights however, one must know that copyrights are applicable only for a limited time span. Many people do not understand the importance of copyright and why it is needed. However, all of it has been explained below.


Now how frustrating it is when you own something but someone copies it without your consent and permission? Well, copyrights make sure this does not happen. It is not appropriate and simply not right to copy the work of someone, or some person who has used up all their imagination into the work. Plagiarism sites are there to detect any plagiarized text. You do not know how your work can prove to be valuable or even if it does not prove to be, it belongs to you. So, copyrights are basically a legal way of protection of your rights. Copyright even give you the option to track who has been using your content and if they have earned money from your work, you get the option to get the money that they have earned during that time. So it is more like, tracking and compensating any loss that you might have experienced.

Copyrights are said to last for about fifty years. You know what that means? If the owner of the copyright has died, then he or she can pass it to a family member and copyright can be a way to earn money as well. However, when it comes to business and you are confused whether you should register for copyright or not, then you must do a lot of research and a lot of exploring to find the appropriate reasons. But to sum it up, it can easily save your work and creativity.


Now the importance of copyright cannot be neglected or denied. However, the question that many people get confused with is, how can you even track and claim the copyright for your photos? Well, we’ll explain this with references to apps like Image Rights and etc. Now these basically work with the sole purpose of discovering if your images are being used without your consent, and if they are being used, then these also help in the simplification of the copyright method as it is made complex by numerous countries. Now once the ‘’discovery’’ process is done, then you might get confused of how to recuperate all the damages that you might have faced before you get to know. This is not very complex. You can work with agreement to the legal partners which will help you recover all the losses that you have faced in the time duration. One thing that must be kept in mind is that it is a paid process. The methods with which copyright is registered are different. First you have to check copied photos, by using reverse image search tools. After that follow the process below to  track and claim the copyright for your photos.

1- The first thing that every process involves is the registration:

You have to start with registering into the electronic copyright office. You just have to go to the registration portal and register. Register a work is what you need to click on and then start with the registration. There are a list of different restrictions that are also provided with the registrations. You can read the restrictions and once you are sure that all the registrations are applicable, then you can proceed to what’s next. The next step is asking for the type of work. If it is concerned with arts or etc. after that, you are asked about the owner and if the pictures have been published or not. They also ask you of who should they contact for the management purposes and you can add yourself as an option. You also have to verify that you are the actual owner of the work. Once you do that, you can re-check all the boxes and see if some of it has been left behind. After that, you must know that you are done with more than half of your process.

2- The next step is based on payment:

 As said above, the process is paid, and hence you must pay an amount of dollars 35 for a single image or for each image. One thing that you must consider while doing all of this is that you must be properly owning the work. By properly owning, it means that you must be the single owner or author of your work. You must not be sharing it with your partners because that is just going to make the process a whole lot of complex. 750 images can be registered at a fee of dollar 55 but the condition is that all the images must belong to a single owner. You can make payments through your credit cards.  

3- Post all the copies of the photographs:

Now this is the last step for the process. You must upload all your pictures and it is preferred that you go with low resolution ones because this will help make the uploading process fast. After you have uploaded all the copies of the photographs, just hit the submit button and then submit your work. Copyright must be included in the work. You must consider as if your work is not complete without copyright. Many people avoid it and do not prefer it because they think that it is a very complex process and a simple wastage of time. You must also mention it with your work that the pictures have been copyrighted or even add watermarks, so people are aware that you have registered on copyright.