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Use of Social platforms to drag traffic to your website

Use of Social platforms to drag traffic to your website

October 16, 2017

There are multiple ways to drag traffic to your web site easily. Simple steps with the help extremely grown social platforms can bring you the most.

Increasing interactions.

Social platforms are of a great help when you talk about building relations. Simple coordinations and taking part in discussions can help people remember you vastly. Building relations with social media can assign a trust between you and the people. Being ready to help your viewers and readers, Taking care of your potential buyers if you are selling something will bring more people and keep the interest of the ones you already have. When sharing a post of advertising a product, you must keep in mind to answer all the questions and engage with them on the post. Customers or viewers will like it and they will share your work or product with others. It will bring more people to your site. By using a Social Media Counter tool you can evaluate the level of your social media in an efficient manner. 

Use visuals and images.

Writing quality content and sharing it on social media is one thing but providing them with visual aid and images to explain will be most preferable. Your readers will be most interested if they will find images that helping them to get to know your topic better.

Create videos to let your viewers know about your content better. Explain all the important steps. Sometimes viewers want to see someone actually doing it in real. Reading is not enough for them and they need an evidence. So this will bring a layer of trust in them.

Also, new users prefer this. Someone who has no idea about you will be attracted towards a video or image based content more. Create backlinks to your site in the content in case they find it interested and want to check more. If each and every step of your content is explained with an image or a video will thus be more easily explainable and understandable. Will have a high chance of getting shared as well. Reverse image checker can be used to validate the quality of any image. 

Know your platform.

There are many famous social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Youtube, Reddit etc. You should be aware of the fact that each social platform has its own set of rules and way of operating. When you are putting down your content on social platforms, you must know how to manage your content for each one. For example, on Twitter people like #hashtags for references of what or who you are talking about and is also search by hashtags. On Facebook people usually, like written based with picture references. There you can backlink your website to give them something extra and bring yourself new traffic. People read a few lines of your content and if decide in first two lines that whether they want to stick around or not. If it's interesting enough, they will love to find more of it and your link to the site will help them.

On Facebook, it shows what others have liked or commented on. Also, keep your posts public so it is reachable to everyone.Instagram is more like picture based and short video based platform so keep in mind what you need to do.

Youtube is a humongous network of videos regarding, entertainment, tutorials, pranks, advertising, and what not. Make videos of instructions, tutorials or creative websites regarding your related product or blog. Make a creative video and leave backlinks to your web page in the description.

Use buttons and plugins.

Plugin or buttons are very handy when a reader wants to share something on social media without leaving the page. An example is when you are normally on a blog or a forum and you see icons of social media at the bottom. Use those on your web pages after articles and stuff. Social media plugins like click to tweet or tweet now or share it on Facebook can help you bring huge traffic. People will definitely response if quality content is there.

Also, make sure where to place those buttons which are optimized for both mobile and PC. The Greater amount of users don't even make half way down the article and leave. So put it where it doesn’t disturb the article and also is reachable.


The key element to maintain traffic is the consistency of publishing content. The higher posting will result in a chance to bring more clicks or trafficking. A usual mistake by bloggers or article writers is they stop posting once they start to see a regular spike in their audience. Remember this, if they can come for their interest, they can leave too. So keep posting but be careful that it doesn’t turn into spamming because that too will result badly. Spamming will create a habit of ignoring your content in your audience. Divide your content and create a map or a route to how you are going to post today or at what time. You can post 3 to 4 times a day on Facebook. Tweet around 5 times a day, Insta around 3 times a day, the LinkedIn account can be managed 3 to 8 times a week and Google+ about the same as LinkedIn.

Social Media competitors.

Finding out how well your competitors are doing and how they are doing it is the first step. The same method is 100% applicable when it comes to social strategy.

Social media analysis about your competitors helps you see whats new and what is out. You can easily locate how the audience is responding to competitors social posts.

Get as many insights as you can from your competitors first. This might will give you a better idea or a method what it takes to build an audience on social networks. But never directly copy your competitors, but the analysis can shape your own strategy.

  • See post times and days.
  • Famous social channels and their content.
  • How do they respond to comments on their posts?
  • Types of content published such as images, videos, quotes, etc.

You will be surprised to know what a little bit of analysis can bring you so much knowledge about your industry.

Knowing what exactly Engage your followers

Engagement is highly essential in regards to social media. With Analysis or surveys, You have to know what exactly a community of followers would like. Try to know what type of content is bringing comments, clicks, impressions, and shares. This can bring you a better and wide idea into your own social media content planning.