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Want To Edge Past High Authority Sites? Follow These Steps

Want To Edge Past High Authority Sites? Follow These Steps

October 23, 2018

Have you ever thought how a small website having an average domain authority, and with a subpar backlink win against a big website having a greater authority? Well, if you haven’t thought or heard of it, we have a good news for you. Yes, it can be done. You read it right; you better start believing it and pull up your socks. However, the question here is ‘how will you do it?’ This ‘How’ has been the biggest hurdle in the way of small sites which wish to be on top and want to multiply their audiences. Luckily it's your good day that’s why you are reading this piece of content.

In this detailed article, we are going to tell you that how actually you can stun bigger sites. We will explain the tried and trusted tactics that are found to be effective in this uphill but not impossible task versus your competitors having high authority. Let’s now move on to these strategies that will not only enable you to have an upper hand against your strong rivals but will also enable you to rank at the top of search results.

Develop a Unique Plan

Begin with one page in the start and your complete focus should be on it. Why? The answer to this is that in the beginning, your entire site won’t be able to win against the website having higher authority. Thus, you need to focus on one particular page, initially.The reason for it is that the leading websites will always be up there when it comes to domain authority (80+ normal). Also, they will be strong in backlink profile and a number of other ranking factors. In the initial stages don’t think about beating the mature and strong websites entirely. Instead, choose a particular page based on a specific keyword, it is ranking for.

It is easy to have a lead on a given page rather than the whole site. Now the important thing you need to remember is that they can also win against you on some keywords and pages. They are the big guys in the tournament. But, they will only outrank if your strategy isn’t forceful.Before you start, find the exact page of the competitor that is giving them results for your best keyword. You should make untiring efforts to increase your page authority (PA) and by taking full advantage of the tactics that we are going to tell you in the remaining part of this article. This is the only way you can beat them.

Make your content more informative and quality oriented than your competition

Make sure your content is immaculate and better than the website you are competing with. There are usually two ways of doing it.

  1. Publishing MORE CONTENT

The first point hints at quantity but the other one focuses on quality. Suppose your competitor is posting four posts per week, why don’t you for eight? If you are doubling with what they are doing, you are opening a sure opportunity for yourself to lead the competition. Because you know that Google and most importantly the users and visitors love informative content without keyword stuffing on a site. The simple thing to understand is ‘the more content you write more number of keywords you are using’. Usage of more keywords means more ranking opportunities for you to rank on SERPs especially Google.

More content also indicates more chances for your web pages to get indexed. The simple formula is, more the number of pages indexed, greater will be the traffic and visitors turning up to your site. Now, this keeps on going on and on favoring you and your chances of rising up in the rankings. More and more people visit your site consequently raising your overall popularity. If you are getting popular on Google with every passing day.

More amount of content also enables longer dwell time and decreases bounce rate. Google Rankbrain considers these two factors as quite important for ranking sites. Simply put, Google surely ranks your site higher than your competitors, on the basis of more content published as compared to your competitor site. 

One important thing to note here is that it’s not all about quantity. If you want your content and website to compete well in the market, you need to make sure that it is based on quality. Some well noticed and high performing sites with higher authority tend to publish various (hundreds) articles every day. This makes clear that it is quite hard for you to overtake them when it comes to content quantity. So, you need to be quality oriented if you want followers, fan base and regular visits. While going for quality, experts advise you to do what your competitor is good at but in a more quality way.

How can you pull it off?

Thanks to Backlinko’s Brian Dean, now we have a concept named as The Skyscraper Technique. This technique helps us to gain search traffic on quality based content on the same topics which our competitor has been covering. For taking fullest advantage of this technique, you need to examine what kind of content your competitor is focusing on.

This content must be having social shares to generate backlinks and it will have a huge impact on their search traffic and rankings. Now that you have set your eyes on a specific piece of content, what you need to do is to enhance its quality, quantity or both if you can.

What else to do?

Make it more engaging, attractive and readable by incorporating different content enhancers like updated images, data information, statistics and quotes by the experts in the field. The content should be able to answer as many questions as it possibly can. Let's make things easier for you. If your content has an edge over the competitor's piece of writing or if it has been supported with expert analysis and data information, people will always jump on your site and prefer your content on others. Google will surely do the same, as it will start ranking your content in Google snippet. And that’s what you want.

Importance of Backlinks

We have emphasized the importance of backlinks time and again in our posts. They techniques are an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization of any site. They are so important that even Google calls backlinking as its top three ranking factors. Other two are content and RankBrain. Alongside quality and informative content, you also need to make backlinking an integral part of your strategy. According to experts the best backlinks have these following attributes. They are

  • Dofollow
  • Contextual
  • Relevant
  • On sites having high domain authority

What else you should be looking at is getting the same backlinks that your competitor has, in case they are high in quality. This can easily be done by spying on your competitor’s site for the backlinks. There are a number of quality and reliable tools available in the market. Now that you have an idea of where they are linking their site, try your hand at getting backlinks from these sites. This can be done easily by using backlink tool.

SERPs & Backlinks

There is a simple formula when it comes to creating a backlink. Just keep on going. The reason why small sites don’t perform well against sites having high authority is that their backlink score is not worth showing. And most probably this is the reason why small site owners get frustrated.

If you see a site having high authority on top of SERPs, this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. Some people think that Google mostly favors big sites but it isn’t true. The reason behind their high ranking is a strong and continuous link juice flowing which you haven’t done. You should also develop a strong backlink profile that will enable you to compete or even outrank the leading websites.

Make use of “OPR”

In business, OPR is the short form of “Other People’s Resources.” the idea backing OPR in edging past other authority sites is following: You have a new website having a low domain authority and backlinking profile, chances of you beating others in the race, having 80+ DA and large backlink history, are quite low.

What can be done here?

There is no need of beating your competition using your own site. You can use other people’s sites having high Domain Authority to reach the top of SERPs. This clearly tells that rather than curating the best content for your own site that is still new and small, develop your best posts and publish them on sites having high authority.

Have an edge over your rival from a technical SEO viewpoint

You need to win not only on content and backlinking frontier but you also need to outrank them on SEO Score. It’s simple. How can a website perform to its full potential when its SEO frontier isn’t guarded well? So, you need to go through your site as well as your competitors to see where your site is lacking and where your rival is having an upper hand.

Most likely you are going to find an issue with yours and there is no guilty feeling even if you copy the SEO points from your competitor. See what they are doing best and how they are doing it. Now that you are aware of the SEO issues make sure you have addressed all of them and they don’t come back ever again.

Common technical issues

Here are the common issues related to SEO of your site which need to be abnegated at all costs.   

  • The absence of XML Sitemaps
  • Low page speed load time
  • Poorly structured permalinks
  • Poor internal linking
  • Heavy, complex layout

All the above-mentioned situations can pose direct and serious issues in your site’s performance that can affect overall rank. If you don’t nip out these problems then surely the competition will easily outfox you. For example, if you get to know that one of your pages t you want to rank above your competitor isn’t optimized for mobile or its loading time is more than normal, you need to start optimizing such pages with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This will help you in making your pages mobile friendly and they will also load much faster.

Google prioritizes and awards mobile compliance and also the fast loading pages of a site. Both these issues when resolved will impact the user experience positively and will result in more and more visitors liking and visiting your page regularly. Bounce rate will also be decreased resulting in increased dwell time.

Go for long-tail keywords

More and more websites especially the large ones are being ranked on the basis of short-tail keywords which are also known as seed queries. However, users are mostly using exact search terms when searching for particular keywords. This clearly says that the key focus is on specific keywords. As we get to know that sites having higher authority are targeting short-tail keywords, they still rank for short tail queries. The reason for this is that most number of site owners ignore long-tail keywords in Search Engine Optimization. But still, long-tail keywords are searched more. According to a report by WordStream in 2016, more than 50% of the search queries are four words or longer.

One thing to remember is that if you start optimizing your content for long-tail keywords, the chances are that you are going to edge past your big competitors for specific searches. Another thing, long-tail keywords aren’t that competitive but they have the ability to convert more as compared to short-tailed ones. Experts say that the best way to use long-tail keywords for better results is to go for many of them. One short-tail keyword has the ability to drive lots of traffic as compared to a long-tailed one, which may not be responsible for such high traffic. Conversely, targeting a number of long-tail keywords will bring you heavy traffic when compared to popular short queries.

 Closing words

If you need to lead the competition you will have to work hard, be persistent and patient. SEO is the name of patience and if you keep on persisting with the points mentioned above, success will surely be yours.  The strategies and points mentioned in this piece of writing will surely enable you to overtake your competition and gain heavy traffic and leads. What we want you is to just get things straight and put them into practice. What are you waiting for? That time isn’t far when you will be sitting on top of search engine ranking pages, leading the sites with high domain authorities, but for this, you will have to start right away.

If this article seems helpful for you, it will surely be helpful for others as well who want a breakthrough. Do share it with your friends, family and others in the circle. We at keep on posting guides like this over and over again that are meant to help you in the long run. We also have readymade tools that are not only free but also let you perform according to the industry standards.

This can be done by doing guest blogging. For this, you need to pick your leading keywords and start finding websites that have high Domain Authority and that accept guest posts. Here, come up with an immaculate and informative piece of content and hand it over to the site on which you want to do a guest post. They will publish it. While writing guest posts, always use plagarism checker tool, and mention your business name or the website within the content; in the body or in the bio section. Now your content will automatically be raised to the top of the Google rankings. Thanks to the host website’s reputation and high authority, your business is not only ranked but will be considered an authority on the subject matter that you focused even being new.