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Website SEO : New Algorithm From Google & Facebook

Website SEO : New Algorithm From Google & Facebook

July 24, 2018

Every year brings with it a number of changes in almost every field and domain. The field of SEO and digital marketing is no different and it has brought a few variations with it as compared to the previous year. In this article, we are going to discuss the changes Google and Facebook and how they will impact our strategies.

Up till now, we all were aware that choosing the right keyword that matches with the content was considered to be a factor of success. But, now things have tilted and changed a bit and conventional emphasis on keywords isn’t the same. The role of SEO checker has also increased in the current times.


Google’s machine learning algorithm is known as RankBrain. The purpose of this algorithm is to insert written language into vectors with the help of written language for the understanding of the computer. If RankBrain isn’t acquainted with a word, phrase or command then the machine will come up with commands, words and phrases that are close to the given command and have similar meanings. This makes the search queries more operative and effective.

The two main functions of RankBrain are described below

1.Understanding of search queries

Currently, the functioning of RankBrain is to figure out what exactly the user is after and comes up with those pages that cover the entire concept that you are after. But earlier, Google used to scan pages in search of those topics that had the keyword you entered at times those exact keywords weren’t seen before.

2.Measuring users interactions with results

For instance, you like a page but how will the algorithm determine whether you liked it or not? Initially, it presents a set of results to the users and if the users like a specific page then it will boost the ranking of that page. If in case, the user doesn’t like it, RankBrain will lower its ranking and it will be replaced with another page that could be useful and that relates to the search.

It completely notices how the user has interacted with a certain search result for instance when a user bounces from page to another. This conveys a simple message that the page from where the user has bounced is not what was expected or it doesn’t have the desired content. You need to check the usability and content of your pages through a quality website SEO checker that will give you a clear-cut idea of what improvements are needed. This is known as pogo-sticking.

Over the last few years, the Google updates have changed and have used processing of natural language for the understanding of these type of queries. Earlier, searches were confined to 10 plus keywords to search a particular topic. Now there are uncountable long-tail keywords within a given topic.

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Optimization of RankBrain

Every now and then, the working and usual practices of search engines are changing and RankBrain as an algorithm is one way that exemplifies this notion. Matching of exact keyword and its optimization is no longer needed and this has eased the whole practice for the users.

One advantage of optimizing your page with medium-tail keywords is that your pages will be ranked for a number of different keywords that are related to yours. For instance, if you have a keyword website SEO checker, RankBrain will automatically understand the concept of it and will rank a number of other keywords for your page.

Facebook's New Algorithm

The second part of the article begins here and it allows you to understand the changed Facebook algorithm. This new algorithm has entirely modified the way we see the News Feed and the content in it. At the start of 2018, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, publicized that the new algorithm will give preference to the content from family, friends and groups.

The new algorithm of Facebook will be focusing on posts having significant interactions between people who are in your friends list. This change of preference is surely going to affect the brands as it will force them to divert their existing digital strategies to what the new algorithm demands of them.

Simply put, Facebook will start showing people posts from friends and family and the posts that will ignite more conversations among users as compared to those posts that are totally focused on entertainment and business. The brands need to work their way through to gain results in the new algorithm. Here is what they need to do.

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Quality connect to bring people closer

Digital marketers need to involve people in meaningful interactions and connect them indifferently by means of engaging posts. By creating meaningful interactions we mean comments, sharing of posts and more and more users clicking on the like button.

The tricky part is that although your posts can have a number of comments and like but the posts should ignite conversation between the users. The posts need to be based on quality content regarding the topic or product so that a healthy conversation can be started.

No begging for comments and shares

Don’t beg the audience for comments, likes and shares, come what may. This will force people not to give any attention to your post and they will consider it as spam and annoying. This asking for comments, shares and likes is also not taken well by Facebook itself and it doesn’t take it as meaningful. The social media giant will filter these kind of posts.

Using of live videos

Videos will continue to reign under the new algorithm from Facebook but live videos will be given more preference. Current times demand that you add more media to enhance your digital strategy. Integrate live videos of your product/service or let the audience know about your intention through live videos. This will surely bring in the results and is sure to perform well considering the new algorithm.

Same is the case with websites as videos, moving images and Gifs are taking over static images. Websites are also moving towards this strategy instead of static images to enhance their SEO. This enhancement and growth in SEO can easily be figured by the usage of a reliable and well-known SEO checker. Create quality content for your live or recorded videos.

Inspire people to follow your page

Don’t force the people into liking your content or Facebook pages, in fact, inspire and encourage them to like and follow it. More people following and liking your page means more audience to see and absorb your content and offers. This is good for your page and brand as your content will appear in the users News Feed and they will not miss anything from you.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the new algorithm is the user’s ability to see their favorite pages. They can go through everything from their favorite businesses, brands or pages they love by opting for the ‘See First’ in the settings.

RankBrain and new algorithm of Facebook in 2018 give brands a new opening and in experts view fair chances of growth. Although, sometimes new trends and algorithms may not be welcomed by many but this time around you can use them to your advantage. As you are aware of how they perform and what can be done to adapt to the new strategies we are sure you will make the most out of these new algorithms.