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What To Ask A Toronto Marketing Agency Before Hiring One

What To Ask A Toronto Marketing Agency Before Hiring One

March 08, 2018

Whether you are searching for ways to start inbound marketing strategies for your business or you are trying to find different ways to develop your existing marketing program, teaming up with a Toronto marketing agency can provide you with many benefits. Looking for a marketing agency is not a problem; however, finding the right one that will work well with your business can be tricky.

There is no shortage of online marketing agencies, which is why eliminating the ones that do not fit your needs require thorough research. This post will help you accurately evaluate a Toronto marketing agency’s weaknesses and strengths. It can provide you with the right questions to ask before hiring one.

How Toronto A Marketing Agency Helps Your Business

Marketing agencies are responsible for providing businesses with additional business. If you want more productivity, more sales, more leads, and more effectiveness, a marketing agency can provide them for you.

Hiring a marketing agency is ideal for your business because:

  • You gain more than just the marketing expertise. A marketing agency can provide you with its talents, strategies, and experiences. It can help you fill the gaps of your current marketing activities and convert them into useful and engaging strategies.


  • You become faster and cost-effective. You may end up losing more money when you hire cheap and incompetent marketing agencies. The right one offers you a price that you know is reasonable because they can translate their services into positive results.


  • You have access to the latest marketing technologies. Most marketing companies have the tools that help increase their efficiency and productivity. When you outsource your marketing activities, you have access to the agencies’ resources.


  • Your current workforce becomes more efficient. Hiring a Toronto marketing agency allows you to increase your employees’ efficiency by enabling them to concentrate more on other tasks. It also decreases employee burnout and turnover.


  • You reduce your training costs. Marketing agencies already have trained employees. Therefore, you no longer need to spend a lot on training. Hiring a marketing agency reduces and even eliminates training costs.


  • You are always updated. A digital marketing agency is up-to-date with the latest market trends because it is part of their job. They must be in the loop to avoid falling behind their competitors. Hiring them enables you to gain access to the information they have and apply it to your business’ digital marketing.


  • There is no bias. You can get the opinion of someone who is outside of your business. As a result, your marketing efforts are not biased. Your current employees might not have the courage to speak their mind because they might lose their jobs or make a wrong impression. However, marketing agencies can give their advice and opinion on how to improve your existing marketing techniques.


  • You see fast results. Each marketing campaign is different. Therefore, every campaign yields different results. Working with marketing agency allows you to look at the results of your marketing campaign in a matter of weeks.


What Questions Should You Ask a Toronto Marketing Agency Before You Hire Them?

An online marketing agency can take your marketing activities to the next level. They can handle various marketing campaigns that are suitable for your business. Many experienced Internet marketing agencies are available, which is why you must carefully choose which one you should hire.

You must do your research on the marketing agencies that you are choosing. Asking questions is the best way to know more about the marketing agency. Ask important and relevant questions such as:

  1. What is your experience? Ask the agency how have they been operating. Inquire about their past projects and marketing campaigns. Ask them about their experiences and their success rates.


  1. Do you have any specialty? Some agencies have specialties that they concentrate on. They may specialize in email marketing, affiliate marketing, and other online marketing areas. It is essential to choose an agency that is aligned with the kind of marketing that your company is currently doing.


  1. Have you done marketing within my field or industry? This is an important question to ask because it helps you ensure that the marketing agency is knowledgeable in your field. You have to ask their experience in working within your industry to make sure that they are familiar with the target market and different consumer behaviors.


  1. Are you currently working with my competitors? It may seem like a confidential question, but you as a business owner have to ask it. It helps you determine if you are willing to work with the marketing agency that might have a potential conflict of interest because they are also working with your competitors.


  1. Who will I work with directly? You need to ask the primary person whom you will be working with so you will know who you need to contact in case you need to discuss the marketing campaign. It is also important to ask for the background of the people who will work with you. Ask for their work experiences and the projects they spearheaded to assess if they are the right people for the job.


  1. How much is the project going to cost and what are the payment terms and details? Ask for an estimate for your project. This will help you gauge if their services fit your budget. You can also inquire about the payment terms. Do you need to make a down payment or do you have to pay in full? Ask the marketing agency to explain the payment details to you clearly.
  2. How long does it take to finish a project? Online marketing campaigns can take weeks or months to complete. Ask your marketing agency about the duration of your project so you can have an estimated timeline.

Do not hesitate to ask a SEO company other questions that are related to your project and requirements. These questions can help you know more about the marketing agency you are planning on hiring. Once you have evaluated your options, you can finally choose one that can help you increase brand awareness and attract more leads.

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