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What to check before you buy a guest post

Oct 27, 2017

As we know, Guest posting is a recommended approach when it comes to improving your Seo ranking, increasing traffic, Article submissions for backlinks. Guest posting is basically posting your quality work on other blogs and websites for both free and purchased. Depending on a site, it determines whether you have to pay for the posting or not. Posting on high ranked sites will make your content reliable and quality traffic will be on its way. There are several terms to check to worth your money for buying guest posts.


You need to have a vision about what are you going to do with your writings. You need to have a good research over the web to find sites for good guest posting. Then you need to see why you need to post such article on a blog and will be your goal is. Such thought will give you key elements or a ladder to climb up your task.

Your element should be getting traffic and social popularity by backlinks in your content. Posting a particular article to help the audience. Guest posting will give your site exposure. Healthy backlinks for improved SEO score. Right Article at a right site.

Planning this will let you have a clear route ahead.

Background of the site.

This is extremely important to check. Posting on low ranking unpopular sites will give you no return, and not only that but you may end up lowering your site’s DA. Having a surety about the site’s ranking like:

 Does it get traffic and is socially popular? Where in search result does this site appear? What is the domain authority of this site and will it pass the link juice on dofollow links? How old is the site? Because the older it is, there is a chance for your content to get popular on it.


The First step of performing all above-mentioned things. You are done with your work, You have written a piece of art according to you so now is the time to present it. Huge websites normally reject the pitches because of the spam factor even if it the content is not spammy. If you have written a poor article or is plagiarized on anything will be easily rejected. But there is are ways to get successful pitches and errors that you need to resolve.

State how it will benefit the readers and their site you are posting on. Approach them like you know things but don’t act like too much. Simply be confident and not over. Research on the site and check how they write and what is trending on their page. This will give you an idea how to present your stuff that will be liked. Tell them the opportunities they will benefit because of your posting. Tell them about your experience of previous guest posting and show them your work and interest them. Tell them how your previous posting has benefited the sites.

Make sure everything and every factor is well served before you start posting on other sites.

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