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What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Services Provider

What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Services Provider

December 18, 2018

Choosing the best SEO agency can be a very difficult thing to do. Since SEO is a hard to measure, long-term endeavor, assessing the professionalism and the results of different agencies can be tricky. Here are seven things to take into consideration when searching for an SEO services provider:

The Work Experience

Try to assess their work experience with clients having a profile similar to yours. Check for how long they've been working with the SEO agency. Loyal customers are usually a sign of professionalism and of high-quality services. Measurable results are also useful, as they can allow you to see what you can expect from similar SEO campaigns. SEO agencies that know the value of their results will be happy to share their successes with you or with any other potential clients.

The Amount of Work to Be Done In-House

Some agencies outsource a big part of their On page and Off page SEO activities. The more they do this, the less control they have over the quality of the work and over the results. You should try to find an SEO company that does most of their client work in-house. 

The Agency-Client Communication

The success of any SEO campaign relies on regular communication between the client and the agency. On the one hand, you need to know at all times how your campaign is going. On the other hand, the SEO services provider needs to receive timely and updated information about all changes in your business, in order to be able to adapt their strategy and their activity plan accordingly.

The Client Involvement Degree

As tempted as you may be to leave all SEO-related activities to your agency, you should know that the more you get involved, the better the outcome will be. Make sure you cooperate with the SEO agency, in order to provide them with all the information and the feedback they need to tweak your digital SEO campaigns for success.

The Expected Results and Their Time Frame

No contractor will guarantee specific positions over set periods of time, as nobody can control the evolution of Google's algorithm. If some agencies offer you to 'take you to the top of Google within a couple of weeks', stay away from them, as such promises aren't reasonable. Nonetheless, agree on certain progress milestones with your agency, in order to make sure that you have common goals.  

The Keyword Research Methods and Procedures

Some keywords are very easy to rank for. Nonetheless, if their monthly search volume is next to zero, you won't get any extra business. At the same time, using too broad keywords may prove to be an ineffective strategy, as these search engine users might not be serious about making a purchase just yet. A good SEO agency will know how to target keywords with good search volumes and high commercial value.

The Marketing Experience Beyond SEO

SEO isn't a stand-alone, solitary animal in the digital marketing zone. It should be part of your global digital marketing strategy, so make sure you pick an SEO services provider who understands the bigger picture.

Each and every time an SEO company makes certain promises, you should be watching out for the red flags raised by their claims. Here are a few things to help you spot a bad SEO agency:

Prices Way outside the Market Average

A too low quote may be a sign of poor quality work. On the other hand, a high price could mean that the agency is not too commercially-aware. A SEO agency with solid work experience such as this company will always offer reasonable rates.

We Can Index Your Website In Two Days

Whenever you hear an agency making you the promise to have your site indexed before even having a chance to take a loot at it, consider running away as fast as you can. No SEO professional would ever make any promise without research.

Can Help You Achieve Top Rankings within One Week

Promises of specific rankings within short periods of time aren't reasonable. They are a sign that the agency doesn't understand the basic working principles of SEO. This will surely increase your website’s overall SEO score.

Massive Search Engine or Directory Submissions

This is not only a huge waste of time but also a dangerous endeavor that might get your side banned or penalized by Google.

Thousands of Inbound Links

This is yet another practice that can get your website penalized by search engines. A huge volume of inbound links acquired too quickly might trigger penalties, as this isn't how a natural backlink profile should look like. A good SEO agency means that you can easily get more new backlinks for your site.

Copyright Claims on Metadata or SEO


Stay away from agencies that wish to retain copyright on metadata they create for you. You can't risk to have all the SEO work undone, should you decide to end your cooperation with the agency.

We Know Someone from The Inside

Stay away from agencies that claim to know someone at Google who can help your website rank faster. No Google employee would ever do that, as they are required to sign a confidentiality agreement when they get hired. You need an SEO expert who has the skills to obtain results without the need for such help.

Anything that appears too good to be true will surely be so. If you want to be on the safe side, don't even take them into consideration.