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Why Check Your Post Plagiarism Before You Publish It

Why Check Your Post Plagiarism Before You Publish It

December 21, 2015

Plagiarism means a practice where we steal or take someone else work or idea and presents it as of our own. It is actually against the law as someone’s rights are exploited through it. So to avoid this practice we need to check the piracy of our posts before publishing it for inspecting and checking it to avoid any inconvenience coming in its way of publishing through anti-plagiarism checkers. It is in fact an efficient tool to check the red highlights which recommend that the data in current post has not been taken from someone else work or idea. So for the people who are serious about their work either academic or research, there are specialized software for checking the stealing of data in their paper which will ultimately give them chance to avoid the claim of any person.

Let’s discuss some reasons for checking the plagiarism of our posts:

  1. Most of the people make their assignments and research work by making a search through internet search engines but for checking the piracy of data, it does not consist of large databases of including many books, articles and periodicals available online such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest. So in such case we need anti-plagiarism software which has access to all such databases and we can ultimately avoid any blame of exploiting someone else rights.
  2. Another reason for checking the piracy of data is that this software high point the exact part of writing context which has been exactly copied from someone else data which ultimately enables you know what exact words needs to be changed which has been taken from author’s original writing and to avoid any claim.
  3. Through the software that helps us to check the piracy of data also inform us about the similarity of data in percentage. This is very helpful particularly for the students where universities and other educational institutions use specific anti-plagiarism software and here is a specific percentage of similarity is acceptable in the research work of students. So students must keep their content below or up to that percentage to avoid any inconvenience further coming in the way of publishing.
  4. One more reason to check the data appropriation is to assess your capabilities for paraphrasing. As we stated above that the this software will high point the exact words that have been copied from authors original data so you can easily rephrase those lines for avoiding any problem in further processing of data publication.
  5. The software offers you to check the piracy of data also makes you available with the proof that you have not copied the exact data from any source. So it ultimately provides you with a protection too.

The use of internet for making research work and assignments has highly increased the chances of piracy and copying of data so in such situation all the above mentioned reasons we need to check the appropriation of our data are valid so such anti-plagiarism software are in fact very useful for serious students and researchers to show their work as original.