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Why File Formats Matters & Their Different Types for Online Presence

December 03, 2021

Why File Formats Matters & Their Different Types for Online Presence

Yes, when a business comes with an online presence, it makes it much easier for customers to readily find you.

Whether you are working for a website, social media page, e-commerce platform, or a combination of all three, you have to deal with different files.

You can see that there are innumerable types of file formats. And, each file format entirely reveals a particular way of storing the data that assists to make up a file.

Moreover, you could attain a free online converter from theonlineconverter.com if you want to perform file conversions for different file formats according to your business preference. 

As you begin working with digital businesses, you will encounter different file formats, and not all of them are suitable for your business. Thus, here we demonstrate why file format matters for your online presence and also list common file formats organized by their media format. 

It’s Crucial to Understand Your File Types:

Well, understanding different file types are immensely important as you come to know what is safe and what is not. You should have to get a proper idea of different file types as it assists you to choose the right one for your online presence.

Bear in mind right file format assists you to share information efficiently with your audiences. Besides that, there are different free file converters through which you can convert files to and from different compatible file formats. 

Read on!

3 Types of Image Files:

You may find innumerable image file formats around the internet that are used for the website to attract your audience. Even you could perform image file conversions with the assistance of an online converter. Well, here we listed the most common image file types that may be used for your online blogs or any platforms: 

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG or JPG):

When it comes to images, this format is indicated as the most useful image file type. JPG or JPEG might be taken into account for your website or social media page to represent your art-related work.

The upside about JPEG image file type is that it can be compressed while keeping the color and graphics high. Even if you save the JPG image format repeatedly, it will still be ready to compress, which means it comes with lossless quality.

And, you ought to consider an online file converter that specifically assists you in converting JPG image file format to and from another compatible format. 

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG):

When it comes to website design, SVG is referred to as an ideal file type. Its vector nature works best for designing a logo or graphic for your website. The great thing about .svg files are that they come within small file size and also support short animations.

However, if you are seeking for best online converter, then visit theonlineconverter.com that allows you to convert different files to and from another format. And, also it comes with free converter online to proceed with SVG vector image file conversions for free. 

Well, SVGs always maintain a clear resolution for your art-related work and are indicated in the SEO-friendly format. 

Portable Networks Graphic (PNG):

PNG is a raster image type that is not only best for web pages but also works efficiently for logos or photographs. This image type keeps its quality high and even maintains its size throughout multiple saves and changes.

PNG is ideal for websites instead of printed images as it offers a lower resolution. 
Well, if image conversions are your concern, then seek for free file converters to turn single or multiple image file types without distorting the quality. 

3 Types of Document Formats:

You may account with text file formats for your online business or also they work best for sending documents to clients. Even you could make a use of document format converter to attain the best online conversions regarding your text files. Well, here are the most useful document formats that you can take into account:

Portable Document Format (PDF):

No matter whatever the nature of your online business is, PDF is indicated as a universal format for each. This document file format is well-known for its preserving nature.

This means that a .pdf file remains the same even it is shared multiple times on different platforms. People typically use an online converter to convert file into PDF format to maintain the original document layout. Also, you could use a PDF format to email, print, and scan your document. 

Word Document (DOC and DOCX):

MS Word is referred to as the standard file type for documents. If you are using Word processing software, MS Word (doc/docx) is referred to as an ideal file type to send and receive documents. You may account Microsoft Word document files to modify and share documents in batch!

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet File (XLS and XLSX):

MS Excel (XLS or XLSX) is referred to as the most common format for your online workplace. If your work preference indulges within spreadsheets, graphs, or databases sharing, you may account for this format to work swiftly.

Also, this document file format could be used to measure and track numbers and contact information. Apart, what if you have a list of contact in notepad txt format and you want to share it with a variety of folks. Simply, make use of a free online converter that allows you to convert your documents into Excel format within no time. 

3 Types of Presentation Files:

When you need to prepare files for a meeting or training session, presentation file formats are ideal to use! We are going to discuss the most common presentation file formats that even also help you in an online presentation. 

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT or PPTX):

You may account for both PPT or PPTX extensions to share and upload your presentations and slideshow corresponding to your data work. If your business uses PowerPoint software, then no need to worry more as this file type assists you in saving your slideshows.

Also, give a try to online file converter software whenever you require to work with PPT or PPTX file conversions into different another format. 

Open Document Presentation (ODP):

The ODP file format is the most common document format that works tremendously with OpenOffice programs. If your business involves with the use of this program, then it becomes handy to share your presentation file in this format.

This format provides the ease of sharing slideshows with graphics, text, and animations. There are different online file converters that allow you to perform free conversions related to ODP file types. 

Apple Keynote File (KEY):

This file type work with Apple's Keynote program that entirely helps you in creating and sharing your visual presentations. Apple Keynote file extension helps you in adding text slides, images, transition elements and sounds. 

3 Types of Video Files:

You can see that video files are everywhere on the internet. Now, get ready to explore a few most common video file types:

Moving Picture Experts Group Layer Four (MP4):

We all know that Mp4 file format is one of the most popular media file formats. This file type is typically taken into account by professionals and websites for video sharing purposes.

Even some website provides with best online converter free source to perform quality medial file conversions online. A .mp4 is a well-known video format for sending, uploading, and receiving videos from websites or different other platforms.

Audio Video Interleave (AVI):

The AVI file type developed by Microsoft that you may encounter in the online workplace. It takes lots of space on your PC or cloud system since it comes within a large size. Don’t fret as .avi files format keep the quality high even you save them multiple times after editing. This file format is also best for sharing videos on online platforms or websites. Also, sometimes you need to transform .avi files to another file format for compatibility issue, this is where an online format converter make sense for particular media file conversions. 

QuickTime Movie File (MOV):

MOV by Apple is recommended by experts that typically use QuickTime software. It comes within a large size and works efficiently for movies and lengthy video types.

The great thing about this file type is that you can edit MOV files in several sections, it is best for your longer online projects. If you want to create training videos or promotional films, this format is ideal to proceed now!

And, if you aim to stream this video file type on android mobiles, then attain an online converter through which you can convert MOV file format to quality Mp4 file. 

3 Types of Audio Files:

Audio files are the most preferable to upload readings as well as sound recordings. You can find the innumerable online file converters around the internet that makes it easy to transform one media format into another without distorting the sound quality.

These are the most common audio file formats to use for your online workplace:

MPEG Layer Audio 3 (MP3)

Generally, this format works best in compressing audio files into smaller sizes, with this it becomes easier to share on certain online platforms.

You can see that mp3 files maintain the sound quality and are even compatible with a wide range of platforms. Moreover, you could account with this file type to share and record your readings or audio comments. 

Apart from that, theonlineconverter.com is an open source, but a best site which is loaded with a free online converter for your audio file formats.

MPEG 4 Audio (M4A)

M4A is indicated as a compressed format due to which it is packed within a small file size. This file format is not only easy to share and upload, but also offers relatively high quality.

Normally .m4a is considered by professionals for recording lectures or presentations or saving audio notes on their online portals. 
This is the rarest format that’s the reason why people required an online converter to transform this file format into another common file type. 

Waveform Audio File (WAV)

WAV is another audio media file format that keeps the quality high even save repeatedly. This format is gradually used by people who stick with Microsoft (MS) Windows programs. Also, WAV files are not compressed, thus they come within large size as compared to other compressed types. 

Wrapping-it Up:

Well, the digital era is always here to stay for better outcomes! And a legitimate online presence can entirely boost your business. No doubt that a strong online presence is essential for your business, but it won’t happen overnight.

Keep calm, add a remarkable plan to your list, and set attainable goals for significant outcomes. Also, you come to know how it’s essential to make a choice of the right file formats corresponding to your online business.

Bear in mind that most files may not work with all systems, so using an online converter make sense as it lets you convert files to and from compatible formats.