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Why Google Stop Updating Page Ranks of Websites

Why Google Stop Updating Page Ranks of Websites

January 28, 2016

Page Rank used to be the authentic metric to judge the authority of any page or website as a whole. The online market was full of offers and sellers selling high PR back links for various values. People were crazy about getting some good PR back links. Webmasters used to wait for the next Google Page Rank updates. And when there used to be any Google Page Rank Update, some used to smile and some used to get worried. Even I remember when few of my blogs got PR2 and PR3, I was feeling like I achieved something remarkable and I posted updates on Facebook and Tweeted this news as well. But then suddenly someone on Twitter asked Matt Cuts about Page Rank update and his reply shocked most of the webmasters. It was 6th October 2013 when Matt Cuts indicated in a Tweet reply that Google will not update Page Rank anymore. After that in December 2013 it was officially announced by Google that they might not consider about updating Page Rank anymore.

Assumptions and Speculations about Page Rank

After the Google Hangout Video by John Mueller in which he announced about Google Page Rank, webmasters were searching the answer of many “Why’s”. Was Google thinking or changing its algorithm or it was just a trick to divert the attention of Webmaster from just one metric.

What Was the Need for this Step

The Word Wide Web was changing dramatically. SEO had died already according to Google. Social Media had become the power. Social Signals were started to be taken as serious metrics. Content’s completeness and originality was started to be given more preferences to bring fresh, reliable and more informative stuff to the World Wide Web. So Google, being the King of World Wide Web had to take some initiative which it taken by removing the Page Rank metric.

Is Google Still Updating Page Ranks Internally?

A group of people still believe that Google has just played the trick while it still consider Page Rank as a reliable metric but it updates it internally and doesn’t publish. This idea got some serious attention when an year ago Google accidently updated Page Ranks. Well we can believe in this idea too because updating Page Ranks can’t be an accident rather making it public can be a mistake or accident.

Actual Reasons to Stop Updating Page Ranks

Apart from this small group of webmasters, most believes what Google announced. They are not paying any attention on Page Ranks anymore. They satisfy themselves with various reasons to answer why Google Stop updating Page Ranks of Websites. Now the SEO profesionals use both Google Page Rank and Moz Rank ( Page authority tool) for accuracy in page rankings. 

If we look at all the Google Updates one by one, we can easily guess why Google stop updating Page Ranks of Websites. First spamming was banned and penalized. Many of the websites with high Page Ranks were also penalized in that update. Then plagiarism was taken into consideration and so on. So Google was actually trying to bring more reliable, more relevant and more fresh and well researched content. Most of the website with high PR value were not giving that. People were crazy about Page Rank and they had found the easy tricks to get high PR. Even I was master in getting PR 1 and 2 for my blogs and websites. Keeping in view all these things Google stop updating Page Ranks of websites so blog owners and webmasters may pay attention towards the better content, social signals and relevance rather than getting high PR links to get High PR to rank higher.