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Why is a Good SEO Rank Important for Website Growth In 2019?

January 30, 2019

It is a fact that a lot of people know about search engine optimization and its basic principles but various website owners do not know why it is so important. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website rank. Why does the rank have to be improved? The rank of a website has a direct relationship with the visitor count. If you use a professional analytics tool like Google analytics, you would see that websites on the first page of search results have more regular visitors. It helps to perfectly index web pages of a site in longer run. People visit a website regularly when they are interested in making purchases. On the other hand, if a website is not visible on the first page, it is less likely that people would make the effort to view results beyond the first page. Hence, it can be said that higher SEO ranks are very important. Here are some key aspects explaining why a high SEO rank is important for website growth.

High rate of constant traffic without a problem

Website owners who do not have enough information about traffic count even consider high bounce rate as a positive aspect. The bounce rate of a website is high when people visit a website but do not spend time on it. This is a sign that the website has deficiencies. These deficiencies may be related to content, user experience, online payment methods or any other area. The traffic rate on a website is high when the bounce rate is low. This means that people visit a website and spend consistent time on a constant scale. This is what website growth requires. If you want your website to have a good traffic count, you should put in effort to get a high SEO rank.

When you search for something on the internet, an endless list of results is displayed on the screen. The point is that no one has the time to go through even one fourth of them. People restrict themselves to the websites present on the top page. This simply means that even if your website holds the top rank on the second page of results, most people would not visit it. Now, when you talk about the top ranked websites, they never have low traffic issues as long as their rank does not get affected.

Why is traffic so important for website growth? We can go through a proper scenario to understand this aspect. Consider that you have launched two brand outlets. One of them is located in the centre of the city while the other is located in the suburbs. Which one of them would generate more money for you? This question has a simple and logical answer. It is obvious that the outlet located in the centre of the city would produce more business because it would be accessible to more people.

This would not be the case with the outlet located in the suburbs as it would be accessible for fewer people. The same concept can be applied for websites with a high SEO rank. Web pages that appear among the top ranks are preferred by most customers as they are counted as most reliable options. People have the opinion that websites which are rated highly are more credible than the ones ranked after the first page. Hence, to get high business volumes, the evaluation of a website is very important.

What do most people think about website ranks? Before viewing the details of this question, you should understand that traffic rate decides the profit volumes of an online brand. When people visiting a website would be less in number, the profit volumes would be lower as well.

More online exposure

There is no doubt that websites listed on the first page of search results get a lot more exposure than the ones listed on the pages that follow.  Websites listed on the first page of results get more exposure than the ones listed on the later pages. People simply do not want to make the effort to check the links not listed on the first page. They want to get their desired information / product options in the quickest possible manner. Hence, they prefer opting or websites that are ranked among the top slots.

A good SEO rank is not easy to earn and a lot of hard work is involved in this. Why do some websites get a higher SEO rank than the others? Why do some websites get more traffic that their competitors? Search engines particularly Google consider few concrete parameters on the basis of which a website is rated. One of them is content quality and uniqueness. Websites that offer unique exclusive content at regular intervals are ranked highly by Google because such websites have high readability levels.

Users prefer websites that offer interesting and captivating information. It takes time for a user to make a purchase and this does depend on whether he trusts the website or not. Users do go through the written information including web content and blogs. Low standard content causes multiple damages in terms of SEO rank. First of all, if your website does not offer quality readable content, it would lose visitors.  You need to develop interesting content for visitors so that they are encouraged to read it and this would obviously have a positive impact on the user. How do users decide whether they have to select one brand and reject the other? The answer to this question is very simply. It all depends on whether they are convinced with the information provided on the brand of the website.

Consider that you have to purchase a smart phone online. On what basis would you reject one website and opt for the other. The answer to this question is very simple. Users check how convincing a particular website is. To buy a smartphone, they would read the product related information provided on the website of the company. If they are satisfied that the website is legitimate and offering the best deal, they would opt for it. In other words, it can be said that the content on a website matters a lot. Once the user is satisfied with what the website offers in terms of content, he would make an online purchase. This is the correct strategy to improve the rate of conversion.

High ranked websites do not have any content issues

There is no doubt that online purchasing has benefitted both customers and brands. Today, most people prefer browsing their favourite products on the internet, adding them to cart and then making payments digitally. The key issue is that a lot of websites do nothing but scam people.  Hence, for customers, it is important to differentiate between websites that operate legitimately and the ones that scam people.

There are numerous parameters used to judge the rank of a website. For instance, if you see that people are speaking in a positive manner about a website, you can reach the conclusion that the website is dependable in every manner. However, a more credible way to judge the standard of a website is checking its SEO rank. Search engines rank websites on the basis of how dependable and useful they are. Thus, the best websites are ranked the highest. As it is mentioned above, customers look for legitimate online options in the shortest possible duration. This is the reason because of which high ranked websites get more traffic and conversions.

A website that is ranked on the first page would obviously not be involved in scams. Google has a strict checking mechanism and websites are scanned in every way before they are rated. Even if websites have the slightest chances of being involved in scams, they are not ranked on the first few pages. Thus, in a nutshell, it can be said that to get a good reputation and more conversions, the SEO rank of a website is extremely important. Low SEO ranked websites face challenges for generating business and getting conversions.


For any website, a good SEO rank is as important as oxygen is for humans. The important thing is that a website needs traffic to grow. If you do not have traffic on your website, it would be impossible for you to get conversions and generate revenue. A good SEO rank is absolutely important to get traffic on the website. This is because when people browse for things on the internet, they do not have the patience to check each website and filter out the best one. Having a high SEO rank obviously gives the impression that the website is better than the ones occupying a lower rank. Today, simply stuffing the content with keywords is not enough to acquire a high SEO rank. Hence, a website is only ranked highly if it has top notch content.

In a nutshell, websites that acquire the top few positions on the search engine result list get more conversions than the others. This is simply because these websites are more trustworthy and get more traffic as well.