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Why Keyword Density Ratio is Important for Your Site SEO

Why Keyword Density Ratio is Important for Your Site SEO

December 21, 2015

Keyword density plays a very important role in maximizing the search engine traffic for your website. As the world has become so dynamic so Google is also consistently updating its complex algorithm for search to meet the upcoming challenges of time but the importance of keyword density equations ever remain very consistent over the years. It is highly considered in your text and content while deciding the ranking on search engine result page (SERP) as it is very effective on your website.

Keyword Density Algorithm

If your home page is considered to be most important in the area of text and content then just have a look on this example:
The total number of words on the home page of your website is 200 words and the keyword that you want to target is supposed “watches”, it is further assumed that the word “watches” appears four times on your home page. Then your optimal word density calculation will be:

(Keyword appeared / total number of words) * 100 = %
(4 / 200) * 100 = 2%

So the calculated density of your targeted keyword “watches” is 2% and it is actually the best and maximized keyword density for a single word. You don’t need to get worry with mathematical calculations as a number of analyzers and tools are available online which will assist you through a very simple method for its calculation. But its density with 8% or more is definitely indicated as the keyword stuffing by search engine which negatively affects your website and your website could also be penalized for that. It will also adversely affect your website traffic and your website ranking would ultimately be fallen lower in ranking.

Keyword Density Tips

  1. Keep your density in acceptable percentage by making use of synonyms; or you should come up with different words or the combination of key phrase.
  2. If you need to rise up your density then must include your keyword in the image tags like ALT tags, Mega titles and Mega descriptions etc.
  3. On the page you want to optimize must add your main targeted keyword phrase in the titles and headings.
  4. In order to maximize the exposure your research, you should target multiple words as keyword phrases instead of individual words.
  5. Try to keep your density at 4% as it is considered to be optimal, but if it reaches for 6% it could be harmful for your website ranking.
  6. You should add your selected keywords as hyperlinks so it will enable the reader to get the additional information. It will ultimately give your website a high ranking as the search engine will show that the user is able to get deeper information about the topic he or she is searching.
  7. Sitemap should be included at the footer on all of your pages as it is a link to all the pages available on your website. This hyper linked text would be of great worth for your SEO and it will also be very useful to your visitors as well.
  8. Check all of the pages of your website with various analyzers and tools available online so that ultimately you can develop a plan to achieve your goals.