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Why Queries are limited for free users

November 16, 2015

Some of our plugin users contacted us that, Queries available for free users are very limited.

We have tried our best to make this plugin totally free as much as we can. Because

  • We do not charge to check your post SEO
  • We do not charge for checking broken links in your post
  • Grammar and spell checking is totally free
  • Also Density checker is totally free for all


Checking plagiarism consumes a lot of resources that’s why we set a limit of 500 queries for free users. Also premium packages are not expensive. 

And we are not an organization, we are just two brothers who analyzed that there is no good quality plagiarism checker for wordpress users, and so we decided to develop it and this development took our 2-3 months.

Thanks for your understanding.

For any help or suggestions please contact us