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Why to Use Domain Age Checker

Why to Use Domain Age Checker

June 01, 2018

In this digital world we want to stay connected with our clients all the time. As we know blogs and websites are like visiting cards or digital faces. So we strive to have best of the domains. Talking about the domain age, we need to give importance to those domains that are more aged and old. More the age of domain means more traffic, more productivity and more potential customers.

As search engines uses domain age to rank a website. In our physical world we consider age for calculating wisdom. Normally a domain of 5 years or more is ranked on the top. There can be more uses of knowing domain`s age. Let’s talk about some of the significance of it.

Search Engine Ranking

Bloggers are usually concerned with search engine optimizations and rankings. Old website must have better search engine ranking as compared to a new website. So the developer will spend less time in optimizing a website. So he or she can focus on right targets. A top ranked websites means quick gains and high profit. So if you check domain age, then you can put fewer efforts on SEO and ranking.


Earning through averments is another aspect of earning. Advertisements are mostly done through banners. So you can categorize different websites .One can also decide placement of ads according to their ranking and age. One can check age of more domains through bulk age checker. Through Bulk age checker one can check age of more than one website at the same time and then categorize them. This would save time as well as efforts.

Easy to Buy a Domain

A strong digital existence is of great worth. That is usually earned when a lot of people are visiting your website and giving reviews about it. A new website will find it hard to get traffic, get reviews and to get customers. On the other hand if such website has earned reputation already then getting traffic and potential customers are quite easy. So if you are going to buy a used domain then you should consider its age which can be seen through a domain age detector.


Backlinks are symbols of trust from the audience. That trust is easily available to old website as compared to new websites. Similarly Search engine ranks those websites which have more backlinks. Obviously that website uses some SEO techniques so that techniques will be helpful for new buyers of same domain.

Domain age checker is a useful tool in developing reputation and organizing a business on strong footings it will give you information about age, servers, IP address, updation and expiration dates. One can use this information for adopting further strategies. However a good reputed website is the best tool for starting a new business but always remember that an old website may assure you traffic, and reputation but will never assure you good business.