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Benefits Of Fast File Transfers To Your E-Commerce Business

October 24, 2018

In today's high-tech world, we have progressed beyond the traditional means of sharing information, documents, and files. Years ago, we used floppy disks and diskettes to transfer files from one computer to another. This was cumbersome and quite prone to having files corrupted or lost. Moreover, these diskettes could only contain a minimal amount of files. We would have to use multiple diskettes just to transfer our files. Through a server port scanner tool you can find out the FTP status of any website.

Then, we progressed to using USBs to move files. USBs can contain bigger sizes of files. However, USBs are only convenient if we are giving files to clients we can physically meet. This can become quite inconvenient. How do we use diskettes and USBs to transfer files to people who are not in the same location as we are? How do we broaden our base and get our work out to more people, especially with the fast-changing world we now live in? The trend nowadays is for us to use file transfers online. 


Understand FTP; what’s the Scope

File Transfer Protocol, or more commonly known as FTP, is the most simple and the safest manner to exchange files online. When we upload, we move files from a client computer to a server computer. When we download, we transfer files from a server to a client computer. Uploading and downloading can be done wherever our clients or we are in the world.

There are certain e-commerce small businesses that make use of file transfers tools to improve their online traffic. Popular examples of businesses that rely on file transfers are Netflix, Airbnb, and Spotify. Nowadays, we have become very reliant on Netflix for our movies and shows, Airbnb for our vacation accommodations and rental of our prime properties, and Spotify for all our music and podcasts.

What’s The Need 


We may be in the business of digital media, and this is indeed an industry that is growing exponentially. Some examples of digital media businesses are film and television production, audio production, commercial photography or image search, graphic, web and 3D studios, creative agencies, and in-house marketing teams.

In order to market our craft, we need to be able to upload and transfer huge files very quickly. As e-business owners, how efficiently we transfer files to clients is critical. We send our clients a strong message, even before they engage our services. How fast do we respond to client queries and needs? How efficient are we to work with? How soon can we deliver results?

Top of the Line Benefits


Clients who check our services online have very short attention spans. Files have to download at great speed if we want to capture their attention. Anything that takes longer than a few seconds to download will be discarded for other videos or files that can be accessed at lightning speed. We are literally competing with others for our customers' time. According to Google research, videos and files have to download in three seconds or less — otherwise, the page is abandoned and one that produces quicker downloads is chosen instead. If it takes a second or two longer, we lose the interest of potential clients.

Sending Messages Conveniently


We send clients the message that we are very professional and impressive when we are able to execute fast file transfers. If we are in e-commerce or digital media, the speed with which we are able to show our work sends customers the message that we are at the top of our game and are worth employing for their companies' needs.

When we go to a client presentation, we want to project that we are respectable and very tech-savvy. At presentations, we can close the deal when we can present our digital work as professionally as possible. Key to professionalism is speed. Just picture a crowded boardroom... and the sound of crickets chirping — this is what happens when file transfers are all but fast.

Instant Review and Feedback 


Fast file transfers mean that clients can view our work right away. Each time we upload a video, an image, or an audio file, the system designed by companies like Digital Pigeon generates a preview that is web-ready and can be accessed right away by potential customers. Digital Pigeon facilitates the breezy transfer of large files. Clients are able to stream our work on any of their devices or on their website browsers. Engaging the services of a reputable or well-known digital marketing agency can put our business at a significant advantage.  

Streamline Overall Workflow


Fast file transfers improve our workflow. Communication between our clients and ourselves proceed more efficiently when we can transfer files quickly, and when we have a way to track if our customers have downloaded and accessed our files. We can streamline the file transfer process by receiving phone or email notifications when the files have been sent and confirmations when they have been downloaded.

When we are able to achieve fast file transfers, this means that we can quickly receive files from clients. We can receive large files from our suppliers and customers by directing them to a customized upload page. Facilitating the efficiency of fast file transfers can boost our online business.

Fastest Medium of Shifting Files 

When we have a system of ensuring fast file transfers, we can work from anywhere we want. Imagine what this mobility can do for our business and the speed with which we serve our clients. When we can access our business from anywhere, our file transfers can become even faster, and the apps on our mobile devices mean we can check on files and keep track of client activities. On a more personal note, mobility can have a positive impact on our relationships with our loved ones and families. We can be working from home and responding to clients' needs while being in the company of our families. Fast shifting of files will increase online local growth of our business


With the greater access we have to our clients, we can solicit client feedback efficiently. We can have our customers give their responses immediately on our multimedia files. Moreover, our enhanced digital system lessens the number of emails and phone calls. A log of edits is available at our disposal to make sure that we can attend to all of our clients' demands. Addressing client feedback as quickly as possible helps us to provide better service and can translate to repeat business and high customer satisfaction for us.

Timely Completion of Projects 


The more accessible we are to our clients, and vice versa, the faster we complete projects. This means we open our business to accommodating new clients and projects. Whenever there are delays in our data transfers, we might frequently miss lucrative business opportunities. With the employment of a digital agency that facilitates and enhances the speed of our file transfers, we ultimately cut overhead costs. This translates into higher profits for us.