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Why Web Hosting Is an Important Factor in Website Creation

March 27, 2019

Web hosting is a significant step for a company to deliver remote access to their customers anytime in the day or night. The reliability and design of your web hosting plays a vital role in creating your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Each website you see on the internet is being hosted on a server in which all websites files are stored. This remote server is called a host. Paying a separate fee every month, a reputable web hosting company can save your data. Website hosting is an essential process. It really help businesses to improve their overall organic coverage. Here are some reasons why web hosting plays an integral part in building your website.


 Avoid downtimes

A reliable web hosting company will make sure that there is minimal or close to zero downtime for your website. Downtime is the moment when your site becomes inaccessible online. Sometimes, downtimes last for a few seconds to hours.

Whenever your site is down, you lose a potential customer due to their inability to make a purchase. This also reflects what kind of a company you are. A lot of customers get discouraged from making a purchase or trusting your brand if your website keeps on going down.


Choosing a reliable web hosting company will affect the reputation of your company so be sure to get only trusted and dependable web hosting companies such as makeawebsitehub.com.

Website-linked emails and organized emails

If you have web hosting on your website already, some web hosting packages include email accounts that are linked to your website. These will make your life much more comfortable. It will help you organize your emails and make your website more credible since the email address matches your website domain as well.

 Ability to deal with increased traffic

Especially if you have a larger site, you have to find a web hosting company that can handle the traffic without causing the site to go down. Having dedicated web hosting will ensure that this will not happen since you will be able to manage the traffic on your website efficiently.

Cloud hosting provision

Having web hosting for your website will also include a cloud site service. Web hosting will also have a cloud site platform that comes with it. This will provide more servers to handle your increased traffic and lessen downtime, as well as provide additional storage on the cloud for your company.

 Provides live customer service


Nowadays, millennials value service and experience over the brand. Many websites, too, are competing with each other on how fast they can address customer concerns. Choosing a reliable web hosting company will allow you to embed live customer service into your website. Make sure that the web hosting company is familiar with the technology involving this. By having a 24/7 live customer service, your company can provide immediate solutions for your customers. By giving the best possible service, you can get more sales and referrals for your company.

 Minimize the risk of losing sales or customers

By choosing the reliable web hosting provider , you can minimize the risk of losing sales or customers.  It help businesses to do effective business branding by minimizing the risk of any site mishap. With a website that is reliable and easy to navigate, your customer will not end up looking for alternative sites to service their needs. Since downtimes are lessened and performance is improved, your business can avoid getting a bad reputation. This is why choosing a reliable web hosting provider will ensure good service to your customers and minimize the risk of losing them. 

 Equipped with domain management tools

Thinking or preparing ahead, web hosting will be useful for you since it’s also equipped with domain management tools. As your site or business grows, you’ll be expecting the registration of more domains to set up with your existing domains. Web hosting will equip you with the necessary tools to allow convenience in domain management.

In a single hosting account, you will be able to add multiple domains. With this, the task is easier to manage since you do not have to go through different web hosting companies for each kind of website.

Secure and protect your website

Sometimes, website security is easily overlooked. However, this is an important factor to consider when you start building your website. By having web hosting, you can have a solution to keep your website secure. Your web hosting provider will make sure that you have all the firewalls, security plug-ins, and software to keep your website secure and safe from cyberattacks.


You no longer need to worry about it since your web hosting company will be the one to take care of it. Moreover, a web hosting provider will do regular backups on your website to ensure that you don’t lose any data if ever the worst happens.


In addition to that, when you have a secure IP address with an excellent web hosting company, you can also have HTTPS on your site. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS will offer a more secure website and protect sensitive information. Automatically, information on your website passes through encryption. As a result, hackers will not be able to access your information on the website. Having this will also make your customers feel safer in providing their information to you for certain purchases.

 Provides website support

When your website goes down, having a web hosting partner will make your life more comfortable as well. If ever an issue arises, a dedicated support team from your web hosting provider will be there to resolve problems quickly. Especially if you do not have technical skills, a web hosting provider will provide the much needed assistance.

Improve the site's performance and SEO

With a reliable web hosting provider, the overall performance of your website will also be improved and will, in turn, boost your search engine rankings and improve search engine optimization or SEO as well. The quality of your website also depends on the quality of your web hosting provider. If your website delivers poor user experience or takes a long while to load, it will affect your ratings. By using your own codes or having too many plug-ins, you can find your ratings being negatively impacted.

Database provision

There are a number of features and programs that will be included in your web hosting plan packages. These include some content management system. There are also some web hosting packages that allow you to have more than one database. So, look for those that will enable you to have multiple databases to increase your options and flexibility.

Effective hardware maintenance


When you subscribe to web hosting from a reputable and credible service provider, you also do not have to worry yourself with the maintenance of hardware. Everything about the hardware will be handled by the service provider. On top of that, there will be allocated servers that will serve as back ups in the event that one server fails. Because of this, you will also have a lesser amount of data loss.


Cost vs. benefit value of web hosting

One of the first things that pop into your head when you hear about web hosting is probably the cost that it entails. However, the price that you will pay if ever your website flops is greater than when you hire a good and reputable web hosting provider. The plagiarism free content you post in your site can easily be reached to millions of users due to effective web hosting. The deciding factor when you are looking for a web host is not supposed to be the cost but the reliability and credibility of the web hosting provider. Free hosting does not offer any support and control over ads placed. With a web hosting provider, you can accept higher traffic, get to control ads on your web page, and have on-call technical support.

 User-friendly website

The performance of your website highly depends on the web hosting provider of your website. With a good web hosting provider, you will also have a website that is easy to navigate and operate. As a result, your customer will have an easy way to get to what they are looking for on your website.

Investing in your own server is quite expensive

If you choose not to hire a web hosting company, you will need to build your own servers. This can prove to be very heavy financially. On top of that, you will also have to secure your own technical team and security team. Whenever you have problems with your website, you will need a team to solve the technical issues rather than just calling the web hosting provider if you hired one. On the other hand, for security concerns, you will also need to hire a different team to make sure your website is secured and your information is backed up regularly instead of outsourcing these types of services.


As you can now see, investing in a credible and reliable web hosting provider matters more than you think it does. Research and find the right web hosting company for you. Narrow it down to the features you are looking for, and you’ll find your way towards choosing the best web hosting provider that will fit your needs. Good luck and enjoy building your website and watching your business grow.