September 19, 2018

No matter if it is a restaurant, taxi company or hairdresser shop. Everyone has one thing in common: they have a lot of competition!

 If you run your own business, you surly know how difficult it could be to build your progression against the competition. You have probably taken some actions like distributing business cards, flyers, posters or even advertising campaigns on Facebook, but it could be still not enough. For the growth of your business, you must have to attain certain level of social media score, and you can easily measure it through social media counter.

Surly, you have at least once looked up for certain local businesses that are near to you. How did you do it? Probably by typing in Google search bar, right? 

Well, no surprise, it is the easiest and most reliable source of information when it comes to finding local businesses and we all do it. Information provided by Google are mostly up to date and authorized by the owners.

According to Google Insights, 88% of people who conduct local search on their mobile phones, visit the store that they found within one week. So, statistics says it all.Don’t miss your customers, only because they don’t know that you exist. Start to maximize local SEO for your business now.

What is Local SEO?

The use of local SEO is Google's way of generating search results often determined on a geographical location. For example, if you need details of a clothing store in Miami, Google produces the results of clothing lines around Miami.

Unlike the conventional SEO which places emphasis solely on your website, local SEO places much emphasis on your Google Business Profile page. They display your business page with a map indicating where your businesses are located when a local search is entered.Maximizing local SEO provides a viable platform for businesses to thrive and create awareness among local clients, customers, and populace.


Local clients leverage on the internet to find businesses

The local SEO can be viewed as a modern-day Yellow Pages. Previously, if people need information about a particular market, they check under the yellow pages to look for the businesses there.Nowadays, people look up to Google to search for the service or product they are looking for with their city or province name at the end of the search to narrow the options. Afterward, Google generates the most relevant local businesses related to the search.

With an ever-increasing number of people checking online for inspiration before making a purchase decision, the local SEO is a critical component to utilize to ensure your business is visible to visitors.

Draw new Customers when they are ready to make a purchase


When you open a Google My business page for your business, you can determine what section you want to relate your business with, and you have to describe it too, where you can integrate keywords. These keywords need to be given utmost attention as it affects how the search results that will be generated will be like.

The interesting part of this is that it provides you a level of control over the kinds of customers your business page pops up in front. Also, a lot of people who attempt local SEO results are always ready to make a purchase decision. Put succinctly; local SEO helps bring your business to the doorstep of your local customers and help improve sales and profitability for your business.

The development of Mobile opens up a Real-time need for Local SEO


There was a time when if you need to take lunch or book a spot for a date, you have to be looking for a place physically. With the development and advent of mobile, people can now seek out and pick their desired location or spot without stepping out of their abodes. If your site will be well optimized for local business in accordance to mobile platforms then you can easily avail your desired SEO score.

This is one of the reasons why the local SEO has grown to be essential too over the years because people are only looking for a business that fits precisely to the moment and place they need it.

For example, if I need to eat some junks while I am on the road, I can quickly bring out my phone and open Google Maps, look for junk shops online and get a lot of options closest to me to choose from.

In a situation, you own a junk shop, and it doesn't come up on my list, you have lost a prospective customer because there is no way I will know about such shop, talk less making a purchase.

Local SEO Provides Results


Building a Google My Business page is entirely free which implies you can always start with nothing and gain a lot if you know your onions well. You can make use of a lot of online directories to list your business parts of which are Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing.Local SEO also guarantee results in the form of high conversion rates and traffics which leads to improved sales and a significant return on investment.

It’s fast and Easy to Set Up.

One of the ways to incur an additional cost in starting your Google my Business page is outsourcing it to someone. However, the process is so simple it can be set up by almost anyone.


Online Business Reviews from Customers are Excellent Testimonials

Online reviews are critical, and it is one of the ways to build trust in an online business.

Possessing a Google My Business page enables your customers to drop reviews of your business and how much they love the experience. This will go a long way in sustaining your brand and getting new customers. You can persuade your customers to make a rating of your business and the experience they had on Google and some other online business platforms to improve the credibility of your business.

Google my Business page reviews are one of the primary elements in ranking local SEO. By getting adequate reviews, it will not only rank high on Google search engine, but it will also be a good way of making a good impression on potential customers.

Cement Your Business in your locality

You can use the local SEO to cement your business in the minds of local shoppers. You can start this by tailoring your website, citations and local listings with Google Maps that is related to your target audience’s location.If you believe that for the local business is essential to improve revenues, you must build an active local SEO campaign. You can start with using Google My Business page and subsequently enhance it from there to ensure the company is visible enough to be seen by potential customers.