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Why Your Company Website Needs an SSL Certificate?

Why Your Company Website Needs an SSL Certificate?

December 05, 2018

Gone are the days that an SSL certificate is just a protocol for securing our website communication. Today, an SSL certificate is more of a sign of trust, reliability, security, and reputation. Over the passing of time, there has a lot of changes had happened in the technology.

Regarding security and building up reliability on the websites become a major challenge, and the tech nerds are forced to work and update the technology less vulnerable by far. As a result, the changes are starting to waft over the web technologies and its embedded domains. An SSL certification has a diversified purpose in today’s world. It has different guises with different sub-names such as DV SSL, Wildcard SSL Certificate, EV SSL Certificate, etc.

As the functions and peculiarities vary, its prefixes also get diverse. Anyway, today lets check, why should we need an SSL certificate and what are the benefits we can yield from it? Most of us know the primary function of an SSL certificate, it’s nothing but to safeguard the transactions and communications between two systems. The protocol that functions will encrypt the data and files transferred from our system to the target system.

Data Security

The value of data, especially our customer and business data are skyrocketing today. Every business is running according to the specified data integration and its efficient utilization. So, regardless of our business and the services, our data archive is a promising valuable piece of gem. The big business magnets are driving their strategies typically based on the relevant data analysis. Every customer and the business information is a promising source of lead and maybe a business loop. So, all information such as login details, signup data, emails, address, customer data, and transaction details is precious.

Since it has such prominence in this business world, the challenges to protect is not that easy with our rational strengths. As technology grows out of our realms so does its problems. An SSL certificate is developed to mitigate these challenges and fend off the cybercriminals outrightly. Also, along with the technological movement SSL certificates also updating its functionalities and weapons to become more muscular. It safeguards our data and transactions across the network from the hidden eavesdroppers.


There was a time people are less aware of the importance of an SSL certificate, and that was the time the cybercriminals exploit all its ways. You must have to use an SSL certificate for your website to achieve desired SEO results. You can also get help from Prepostseo to validate your search engine optimization results. Over time, Google itself start the initiative to make the website owners aware of an SSL certificate intact. They put forward many features for their users to identify a secure website and not secure website.The green lock signal and the HTTPS//: that we can see on our URL bar is one of the signs of an SSL certificate.

Moreover, to upkeep the reputation, Google has formulated new tactics to increase the number of SSL certified websites. One of it is the SEO ranking factor. They made an SSL certificate as a ranking factor for websites in their search result. Also, google starts informing users directly whether they are stepping into a secure or an insecure site through warnings. Through this Google planned to inspire the websites to add an SSL certification and promise a reliable service to the users. Thereby, users and the websites could leverage the benefits equally from an SSL certificate.

A seal of trust

Since the online phishing and looting, scams proliferate our news feeds and timelines every day; people got more afraid for their privacy and data they share into online websites. The hackers and cybercriminals have a sundry of modes and methods to steal our data. So, users refrain from all possible unsecured premises in the digital world. As we heard in the news, even the giant IT firms were victimized for hacking and have to struggle, and some are uprooted from the business as well. Even the facebook also got maltreated for data loss.

So, building a reputation and promising a reliable experience for the customers is a prime factor of concern to every business present in the online market. So, the only solution to this dilemma is getting an SSL certificate for our websites. Business owners are responsible for generating a promising feeling of trust among the customers by far. The threats, challenges have raised uproariously as the technology advanced to new state-of-art. So the doubts and fear of customers as well.

An SSL certificate is the only factor that can mitigate the doubts and worries that every customer holds before heading for a business. The green-go-signal affirms security, trust, and reliability. Even if the majority of customers are unaware of the purpose of an SSL certificate or what is HTTPS, they trust the lock sign and dare to go ahead. 

Types of SSL certificate

As we can see around the digital world, we have almost everything in the online market. Regardless of the shape and size of the business, we have every service and trade over the online globe. So, the websites and the platforms they use will differ according to the modes of business.

A website that sells some products needs different security requirements than a web page that deals with consulting services. To meet all the need of these different business requirements and its essential security, SSL certificates also available in different feature such as Wildcard SSL certificate, EV SSL certificate, etc. A Wildcard SSL certificate is nothing but that permits us to secure multiple subdomains under one certificate.

Unlike a standard SSL certificate, a Wildcard SSL certificate can be used for severing subdomains. There a lot more reasons are there to have an SSL certificate for our websites. It’s no more an option; it’s a must-have for sustain in the online market for every business and services. It is the seal of trust as well as safety and it acts as a shield of protection across our network either. Buy your SSL certificate today itself, it’s high time.